Intel Rocket Lake-S Core i9-11900K CPU Promises 19% Better Performance: Welcome the Intel Core S-Series First of the New 11th Gen
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Intel Rocket Lake-S Core i9-11900K CPU Promises 19% Better Performance: Welcome the Intel Core S-Series First of the New 11th Gen

With the competition getting tougher and tougher with AMD slowly gaining more foothold in the technology sector (especially for computers), Intel ultimately has to step up their game. Can they do this with the new launch of its Intel Core i9-11900K CPU designed for desktop computers.

Intel Core i9-11900K CPU

According to an article by ZDNet, Intel has finally, at least partially, revealed a little bit about its latest upcoming Intel Core-i9-11900K CPU that is designed for desktop computers. The first wave of these upcoming 11th Gen Intel Core S-series, or the Rocket Lake-S, processors designed for desktops should be available soon during the first quarter. This is what Intel said at the recent CES 2021 show.

Intel has promised a whopping 19% better performance improvements over the past CPUs. This was headlined by the new Intel Core i9-11900K. According to previous announcement, these new Rocket Lake-S CPUs actually consist of 10nm Ice Lake cores, which were given the codename of Cypress Cove, that have keenly back ported to 14nm and combined along with the powerful Tiger Lake Graphics architecture.

Rocket Lake S-Series CPU

The new Core i9-11900K will feature 8 cores as well as 16 threads along with clock speeds all up to 5.3Ghz that function on a single core. The main target audience for this particular Intel CPU will be people wanting to work with high clock speeds.

According to an article by AnandTech, the new Intel Core i9-11900K will be supporting DDR4-3200 RAM and would feature up to a whopping 20 CPU PCI3 4.0 lanes that would consist of up to 16 discrete graphics as well as four for the PCIe SSD storage or even Intel's new Optane memory.

XE graphics architecture

The new performance improvements are now enhanced by Intel's much faster UHD graphics that would feature Intel XE graphics architecture. This would promise players up to a whopping 50% improvement on the other 9th Gen integrated graphics. It is also promising tuning capabilities as well as overclocking options. This is while Intel Quick Sync Video would offer better video transcoding as well as hardware acceleration.

As of the moment, there is still no official announcement regarding the price. Intel has yet to officially announce the consumer price for the new Core i9-11900K or even its Core i7 as well as its Core i5 siblings.

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Intel VS AMD Ryzen Threadripper

According to an article by CNet, Intel is now expecting to release CPUs that are based on the Ander Lake 10nm SuperFin processor somewhere between the second half of 2021. These will be using a hybrid architecture just like a phone processor.

For those wanting to get an Intel CPU that can be massively overclocked, chances are they would still have to wait for quite a while before Intel would officially unveil its prices and final specs. Would this be enough to compete with the AMD Ryzen Threadripper?

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