Intel's new Core i9 11900K is among the biggest reveals in the latest CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2021. Aside from Intel, there are also other tech giant companies that joined the event. 

Intel Core i9 11900K Could Arrive Earlier Than Expected! Release Date, Specs and Other Important Details
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An Israeli technician slides a completed Micro SDM-1 card into a trolley at an ECI Telecom high-tech plant January 15, 2003 in Petah Tikva which is located in central Israel. ECI Telecom, which specializes in telecommunication networking solutions, is placed amongst the 10 leading companies in Israel with its sales in excess of US$1.2 billion last year and employs over 3,500 employess worldwide.

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Intel also featured a release window for its new Core i9 11900K for 2021. The tech giant chip manufacturer confirmed that the new chipset will have a 16-thread chipset, with boosted clock speed that is expected to reach 5.3GHz, and an 8-core. 

The new product will also feature up to DDR4-3200 RAM, with 20 CPU PCIe slots. This would allow the users to add their preferred graphics card, such as Nvidia RTX 3060, enabling their PCs to reach top speed. 

Intel Core i9 11900K's release date

Intel confirmed that its latest chipset would be release in the first quarter of 2021. This means that the new product could be released by March. 

However, the company didn't specify the actual day of the release. Although this is the case, the release window could still be useful for those looking to upgrade their devices using the upcoming hardware. 

Intel Core i9 11900K Could Arrive Earlier Than Expected! Release Date, Specs and Other Important Details
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SAN FRANCISCO - SEPTEMBER 22: Intel CEO Paul Otellini walks off stage after he delivered the keynote address during the 2009 Intel Developer Forum September 22, 2009 in San Francisco, California. Otellini unveiled a new 22 nanometer SRAM chip during his opening keynote address.

This just shows that Intel is taking the competition more seriously. According to GameRant's latest report, the company has dominated the chipset industry for the past few years. However, AMD got in the way after it released its Ryzen 5000 series. 

Right now, Intel is the one that should counter its competitor using its latest Core i9 Rocket Lake processor. As of the moment, Intel is having a rough situation since Apple decided to cut off the company. 

The iPhone manufacturer started to remove Intel's chip after releasing its in-house M1 chipset. Since Apple is still continuing its current plan, Intel is clearly losing one of its major clients. 

Although this is the case, Intel still managed to unlock the Smart Access Memory feature, which is also available in AMD's lineup of RX 6000 Series graphics cards. 

Intel Alder Lake Vs. Apple's M1

Aside from Intel's Core i9 11900K, the company also unveiled its Alder Lake, which seems to look like Apple's in-house M1 chipset. According to Ars Technica's latest report, Alder Lake is specifically designed to compete against Apple's M1 chip. 

It can take on the company's chipset since it has the same architecture. This means that Alder Lake is a hybrid chipset of high-performance (Golden Lake) and high-efficiency (Gracemont) cores. These components are similar to ARM's BIG.little and Lakefield's design.

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