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Samsung Unveils World’s First LPDDR5 DRAM Chip: How It’ll Change Smartphones

Samsung’s has finally spilled the beans on its forthcoming LPDDR5 DRAM, which it hopes will soon enter mass production. Compared with power-hungry current-generation memory, LPDDR5 is expected to turn down the dial on power consumption.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 18, 2018

MIT's New AI Chip Could Make Skynet 10 Times Faster, Bring Deep Learning To Mobile

MIT researchers found that neural networks could be used on specially designed chips to quicken data transfers. The Eyeriss chip is important because its technology could lead to a significant leap ahead in mobile device performance.

Computers February 5, 2016

WowWee Is Funding This Adorable Robotic Dog On Indiegogo

WowWee's got a new adorable robot.

January 6, 2016

CHiP The Robo-Dog Will Wait For You When You're Gone

WowWee, a company known for its robotic toys, is releasing a new device called CHiP, a realistic robot dog that includes a variety of sensors and connections.

Gadgets November 12, 2015

ARM Unveils 64-Bit Cortex-A35 To Boost Power And Efficiency In Low-Cost Smartphones

ARM has launched its 64-bit chip Cortex-A35 designed to boost power and efficiency in low-cost smartphones. ARM tags the Cortex-A35 as the most efficient 64-bit capable mobile processor.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 11, 2015

Mission Impossible? Xerox PARC Develops Self-Destructing Chip For Protecting User Data

The self-destructing chip can be sent a command to break apart into thousands of small pieces, making reconstruction of the computer component impossible and protecting all the data it contained.

Computers September 14, 2015

IBM Creates 'Neuromorphic Chip' That Is As Powerful As A Rodent's Brain

IBM has created a computer chip that is as powerful as a rodent's brain. The system, called TrueNorth, is being used for deep-learning in artificial intelligence and is cheaper and smaller, yet as powerful as other deep-learning machines.

Internet August 18, 2015

Intel Nearing Acquisition Of Altera For $15 Billion: Report

Intel is spending $15 billion to acquire smaller chipmaker Altera. The possible merger, which was hinted back in February 2013, is set to reach conclusion by the end of the coming week.

Deals May 30, 2015

Meet CHIP: The Hackable, Programmer-Friendly Computer That Fits In Your Pocket

Ever wanted a computer that can fit in your pocket? What about a computer for less than $10? Well, you're in luck: the CHIP computer just blasted through its Kickstarter goals in less than a week.

Geek May 15, 2015

Low-Cost Computer Rumble: CHIP vs. Raspberry Pi 2

There’s a growing trend among PC users looking for something that is innovative, functional, and yet affordable. Both the CHIP and the Raspberry Pi 2 have all of these with an added bonus… they could fit in your wallet.

Computers May 11, 2015

CHIP Is The Worlds First $9 Computer: 1GHz Brain, 512 RAM, 4GB Storage, Wi-Fi, And More [Video]

If you loved Raspberry Pi, you'll love C.H.I.P. even more. It's the cheapest, but most powerful micro computer arriving on the scene and it's got a tremendous supporting fan base already.

Computers May 10, 2015

Samsung will invest $14.7 billion in advanced chip factory in South Korea

The decision by Samsung shows that the company is leaning more towards its semiconductor business as its mobile phone business continues to struggle.

Business October 6, 2014

Next-gen Intel Broadwell: 14 nanometer chip means fanless, energy-sipping and super-thin PCs

Intel has just announced that it will come out 14 nanometer chips by the end of the year. This may give way to more energy-efficient and fanless computers and mobile devices.

Computers August 13, 2014

Acer Chromebook features new processor, hefty battery power

Acer announces its latest Chromebook. Already, it is looking to be one of the top models available with its unique new processor, a larger display, full HD capability and 13 hours of battery life.

Computers August 11, 2014

IBM SyNAPSE computer chip mimics human brain: Here's why it's amazing

IBM's "True North" chip is designed to think like a human brain. It's the size of a postage stamp yet it can outdo most supercomputers.

FUTURE TECH August 10, 2014

Remote-control birth control may be stepping stone for innovative drug administration

A new chip being developed to provide birth control for 16 years, worked by remote control, could lead to new drug administration in other healthcare scenarios. The chip could be on the market by 2018.

Life July 10, 2014

Historic Kilby chip could fetch $2M at auction, may be oldest chip from pre-PC era

Christie's has announced it is selling a historic chip from one of the pioneers in miniaturization. It is expected to fetch $2 million.

Computers June 19, 2014

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