Marcin Iwiński has just released an apology video on the state of the "Cyberpunk 2077" saying "This video is me publicly owning up."

Marcin Iwiński Releses an Apology Video for the Problematic 'Cyberpunk 2077' Console Edition
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The CD Project Red co-founder admitted that they had huge lapses on the promises that they delivered for the "Cyberpunk 2077" on consoles.

Iwiński said in his apology video, "The console version of Cyberpunk 2077 did not meet the quality standard we wanted it to meet...I and the entire leadership team are deeply sorry for this, and this video is me publicly owning up to that. Please don't fault any of our teams for what happened."

Microsoft and Sony Take Action for the Sorry State of Cyberpunk 2077

As reported by Engadget, Iwiński explained how the game launched in a hot state of mess for different console distributors like Sony and Microsoft. The game encountered so many bugs when played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to him, the game was unfortunately unplayable for these consoles. Sony took action after one week of consecutive complaints from users that are unable to play the game. In line with that Sony removed the game entirely from the PlayStation Store. They even offered a refund to anyone who went through the experience. Microsoft also offered refunds for those Xbox players bought the game. On the other hand, things are rougher on CD Project Red's end as they are currently facing legal battles over accusations that they have misled investors and players.

Iwiński said in the video that they might have been too ambitious over planning for the PC version of the game. Those plans were the bedrock of their dreams to bring it to the console version. It eventually turned out to be too taxing for the new generation hardware.

The in-game streaming platform became a problem for Iwiński and his team as they failed to see numerous glitches and flaws while they were still testing different versions of it.

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CD Project Red Publishes a Detailed Explanation through a Roadmap and a Series of FAQs

Aside from the apology video released, CD Projekt Red also publicized written explanations of the company's lapses in the state of "Cyberpunk 2077". The written "letter" is published on their official website with the title "Our commitment to quality." Written in the letter is the statement: "We are committed to fixing bugs and crashes and will continue to work and improve the game via future updates to make sure you are enjoying the game regardless of the platform. They also published a roadmap of their progress and a series of explanations about their lapses through a series of FAQs.

They also announced that a free next gen console upgrade will be coming up in the second half of 2021.

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