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(Photo : Youtube/ Nikias Molina) Apple Watch helped save a woman from Texas

Apple Watch may just have saved a woman's life after the police in Salma, Texas included in their report that the gadget helped them to locate a kidnapped woman.

Apple Watch helped trace kidnapped woman

According to Fox San Antonio, the kidnapped woman used her Apple Watch to ask for help, and the authorities were able to use a cellular connection and they eventually tracked her down.

As the report described, when the police arrived, they talked to a girl who told them that her mother had been kidnapped. She said that her mother and Adalberto Longoria were outside the apartment arguing when the girl heard her mother screaming.

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The girl told the authorities that she heard screaming from the parking lot, but that she did not know where her mother had been taken. After about 10 to 15 minutes, the woman called the girl through her Apple Watch, telling her that Longoria had kidnapped her and wanted to harm her.

While she was talking to her mother, the Apple watch was suddenly disconnected. The report stated that the officers were then able to use an emergency cellular call to track down the victim.

The Apple Watch was able show the victim's location, so when the authorities arrived, they found her in a car in a parking lot, with Longoria escaping the scene on foot, according to OLTNews.

The report then continues that the victim told the authorities that she was quarreling with Longoria, and Longoria refused to give up the vehicle. He told her to get her things out of the truck.

When she went to do so, he allegedly sat in the driver's seat and drove away with her in the bed of the truck. The victim then told the police that he was drunk during the incident.

This is one of the most interesting stories about Apple Watch. The health features of the gadget are usually credited with helping to save lives, but the always-on wearable device clearly has other benefits too. Apple Watch Emergency SOS feature also was credit with helping located people who are missing.

Other cases

Back in 2019, the Apple Watch Series 4's ECG functionality had been useful in detecting the fall of a 87-year-old woman in Maine. The woman credited the feature that helped her after a car accident, according to 9to5Mac.

According to News Center Maine, Dotty White was involved in a car accident in Kennebunk, Maine while on her way home from the grocery. White said that a woman came out of a road and ran straight into her.

Immediately after the accident, she could not reach her phone to call for help, but her Apple Watch was already doing the work. The Apple Watch had registered the accident as a hard fall, thus triggering the fall detection feature of the gadget. This alerted the first responders and her family members.

In the end, White suffered a few broken bones from the accident, but she is grateful for the help that the Apple Watch provided. White said that the watched helped her and saved her life.

Fall tracking was added to the Apple Watch in 2018 with its Series 4 update. the feature is disabled by default for users under the age of 65 but it can be enabled manually.

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