Spotify is Planning to Compete with Audible for the $2.7 Billion Audiobook Market
(Photo : Screenshot From Shelly Stater YouTube) Spotify is Planning to Compete with Audible for the $2.7 Billion Audiobook Market

Spotify isn't afraid of adapting to new things and spreading its wings out in order to try new things. The company had constantly been trying to figure out different experimental features in their attempt to be able to switch up its own offerings beyond just music.

Can you listen to audiobooks on Spotify? 

According to an article by AndroidCentral, it is definitely quite nice to see that one of the many best steraming music services is generally trying to keep things a bit fresh and offer a wide plethora of different audio services for its customers. The latest experiment now sees the company tying to finally break into audiobooks. The article then notes that this could end up giving Amazon its own run for its money.

Spotify has recelty just released its very first collection of audiobooks and while these books are said to be classics and can be found on the public domain, the main draw here is the particular voices behind those books. Spotify has been able to partner up with a number of celebrities and public figures in order to record these particular classics.

The voices behind Spotify's books include celebrities like Hilary Swank, Forest Whitaker, and even David Dobrik. An article by The Hollywood Reporter also notes that this is actually not Spotify's first foray directly into audiobooks. This move, however, does indicate that the platform is getting really serious about tapping into the $2.7 billion audiobook market.

This isn't the very first time that Spotify has been able to partner up with certain celebrities in order to boost its own content. Some time last year, the company even signed a deal along with Michelle Obama to get an exclusive podcast on Spotify. The platform had even worked along with a number of different celebrities in order to test out its very own Snapchat-like Stories feature.

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In addition to everything, Spotify has decided to launch a brand new series called the Sitting with the Classics on Spotify. This would allow their listeners to dissect as well as take an analytic look at a number of classic literary works that are hosted by a Harvard professor known as Glenda Carpio.

Spotify has also reportedly considered this particular release as a test in order to see how they can improve the overall experience. This indicated the platform's plans to be taking this particular feature further into the future on its very own growing platform. THR also notes that the new feature will also become available globally but will only be promoted in English-speaking countries.

With the Audiobook market growing in size and with few massive competitors, Spotify's entrance to this particular segment might see the growth of the platform even further. Spotify has also ventured into the podcast industry signing some exclusives. With audiobooks, it remains to be seen who else will Spotify tap to be the voice of those particular books.

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