Harley Cannard
(Photo : Harley Cannard)

The digital space has exploded in recent years, creating a wealth of opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Harley Cannard is one such person, who has used the platform to set himself up as an internationally renowned leader on e-commerce, providing business with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive online environment.

As an influential business personality in the world of e-commerce, Harley puts every possible effort in scaling brands and helping businesses to achieve staggering success. As a high-performing and successful Australian entrepreneur, he co-owns a robust consulting based service company in the form of Amz Automation Australia that has recently expanded into Amplifyou that has gone beyond boundaries to help the biggest brands in the world.

For many, the digital space is a highly competitive minefield, with hours and hours poured into getting - and staying - ahead of the competition. While e-commerce businesses now have so much more opportunity for growth and sales, they also have so much more competition on the market. Turning a profit is a delicate balance between product, marketing and selling. The digital space continues to rise thanks to the unending efforts of the many talented minds that have gone beyond boundaries to create their unique niche in the sector. Harley Cannard is no exception, with a business that has been consistently helping others drive millions in revenue and flood businesses with traffic in e-commerce.

Amplifyou provides seasoned businesses and eager entrepreneurs with strategic advice and tested solutions to help them achieve accelerated growth in the online space. They offer a full-service package that reduces costs, improves efficiencies and drives profitability. Harley's focus is on unlocking growth, leveraging data, and fast-tracking scale for his growing roster of global clients. Within twelve months, Harley has grown his agency from operating out of his Australian outback home to an organisation comprising 20 passionate, knowledge-area experts and spanning two continents.

So where did it all start? Believe it or not, as a kid Harley took cues from watching cartoons and developed many ideas and concepts to start his career as an entrepreneur from a very early age. Everything around him worked as inspiration, as his business mind flooded with potential opportunities he could leverage. He took cues from seeing a kid selling lemonade from a cart and he believed he could do the same. He started producing lemonade and sold the same in front of his home. This was the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey. Since then, Harley has built many successful enterprises, ranging from successful health clubs through to meal preparation start-ups.

Nothing has changed. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Harley once again saw a business opportunity and his vision grew. As we enter a new stage of digital pervasiveness, Amplifyou is ready to offer strategic insight and reliable pathways to success in a rapidly expanding, online business world.

As expected, the young entrepreneur has made a name for himself in the industry, being invited by Forbes to join their expert panel as a Forbes Agency Council Member. Harley Cannard proudly says that his team consists of experts and passionate professionals who show their expertise in advertising, product research, SEO, videos, graphics, and every other aspect of e-commerce. In a very short period, the team has helped clients globally generate more than 80 million USD in revenue.

The company continues to grow each day, with Harley's focus now expanding to giving back to communities as well. As a successful, self-made entrepreneur, Harley has taken is life experiences and used them to achieve business success. To learn more about him, follow him on Instagram.

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