SpaceX and Elon Musk were supposed to hold the test flight for the SN9 Starship on Thursday afternoon, and a rescheduled Friday morning, in which the company had already evacuated the area, but are not permitted. The FAA has yet again delayed SpaceX from continuing the launch, without any explanations and only saying that they have been in talks with the company.

SpaceX SN9, SN10 Starship
(Photo : Elon Musk via Twitter @elonmusk)

The popular aerospace manufacturer and space technologies company, SpaceX, is met with another delay for their next-generation spacecraft that are meant for the journey to Mars in the coming years. The stainless steel Starship lineup has the SN9 scheduled for launch testing earlier this week after its static fire test earlier this month, it has not followed through.

SpaceX has met several delays on its launching with the Starships this month, after the static fire test that was perfect, having no RUDs (rapid unscheduled disassembly) or failures in any of its Raptor engines.

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Elon Musk Shares Photos of SN9, SN10 Starships But No Launch

CEO Elon Musk has recently shared photos of the towering pair of SN9 and SN10 Starships as they stand alone on an open field, waiting for the former's launch in Boca Chica, South Texas. The photo shows the SN9 and the farther SN10 that is yet to have its round of testing before it goes alongside SN8 and SN9 in their feat to test its Raptors in the air.

  The multiple delays this week have frustrated the technology CEO, primarily with the FAA or Federal Aviation Authority's Space Division who is the main body that enforces rules among space agencies. Musk even went as far as calling the FAA Space's rules and regulations to be "broken structure" in a tweet, with the CEO verbally expressing his dismay.

Elon Musk also said that under the FAA's rules and regulations, "humanity will never get to Mars," which is the CEO's goal, backed by his company, SpaceX.

SpaceX SN9 Starship High Altitude Flight Test Reschedules

SpaceX has released a press release on its website, detailing that the company would reschedule yet again as early as Monday, February 1, for the high altitude test flight of the SN9 Starship in Boca Chica. The company said that the public should stay tuned for any announcements on their social media pages, but as soon as the launch test is a go, it would live stream on the website.

FAA Space Reschedules and Coordinates with SpaceX for Next Launch

According to a Twitter user, Jeff Foust (@jeff_foust), he reached out to the FAA Space Division to confirm the launch but was ultimately canceled by the FAA's Operations Plan Advisory. According to Foust, a spokesperson for the FAA said that it would continue its work with SpaceX for the approval of the next test launch for the SN9.


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