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(Photo : Youtube/milkandcookiesTW) Total War Warhammer video game teaser

After four years of waiting, fans of "Total War" franchise may look forward to another video game release. Creative Assembly, the company behind the "Total War" video game, have posted a new teaser video on January 30 hinting that "Total War: Warhammer 3" is coming.

However, the teaser did not show when the release date will be and the details are also vague. Here's what we know so far.

Total War: Warhammer 3 teaser on Reddit

The teaser trailer was first uploaded on Reddit, and was eventually moved to YouTube for wider audience viewing. Fans of the "Total War" games immediately deciphered the teaser trailer. "Azyr stirs" is the clue that players and the narrator in the teaser are wondering about.

In Imperial Capital of Altdorf, an astronomer can be seen standing at the grand astrolabe and spying the constellation Grungi's Baldric. Apparently, the Grungi's Baldric is a constellation that features a dwarf and is known to appear in late spring and around early summer.

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Because of the cryptic message, fans are debating whether the teaser is for "Total War: Warhammer 2 DLC" that could potentially involve dwarves and be released in spring 2021 or if the teaser is for "Total War: Warhammer 3" that could involve dwarves and be released in summer 2021.

Either way, fans are still exciting as they are in for a treat. "Total War: Warhammer 2" is one of the best strategy games of RPS, so either a DLC or a sequel would be amazing.

Hivemind stated that technically, the game is more of a massive piece of DLC for the original "Total War: Warhammer" than a sequel.

And while it has its own set of factions and its own campaign map, the pull it has is in its Mortal Empires campaign, which blends together the faction sets and the maps for both games for an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Despite dropping the teaser, Creative Assembly has not commented on the matter just yet. The teasers were also dropped on Steam and Twitter.

What is Total War: Warhammer about?

"Total War: Warhammer" is a strategy game that has real-time tactical battles between armies. The game has a historical setting injected with a fantasy setting.

The characters include monsters, heroes and warriors and they are controlled by the computer or the player, according to Total War.

The game beings with the coronation of Karl Franz as the new Emperor of the Empire and the game shows turmoil that has happened with a civil war uprising and the number of empire who are against Franz's rule.

Franz's task is to unite his kingdom and assert his dominion before challenging the other realms surrounding them and bring peace to the Old World.

The peace is then challenged by the grudge of the Dwarfs towards Greenskins, and the Vampires, lead by Von Carsteins, attempting to seize the Imperial throne. In the north, Chaos horde rides and seeks to destroy everything and it wants to dominate the kingdom.

The game has four playable factions, including the Empire comprised of humans, the Greenskins comprised of orcs and goblins, the Dwarfs and the Vampires Counts comprised undead.

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