SpaceX has recently concluded its test flight for an actual launch of the Mars-bound spacecraft, the SN9 Starship. It is one of the most promising vessels to bring humans to the Red Planet. Unfortunately, it ends in a fiery crash. The company was known to have been pushing the test launch of the rocket since the last weeks of January but was restricted by the FAA Space Division. The SpaceX Starship crash video was embedded below.   

SpaceX SN9, SN10 Starship
(Photo : Elon Musk via Twitter @elonmusk)

One of the world's top and known aerospace manufacturer, SpaceX, has its popular Starship vessel, the SN9, to have its test launch end in a bad ending, as it entered the ground and erupted in flames. The fiery explosion was a horrible sight to see, especially for the company who still has a lot to improve on the vessel before its optimistic timeline of a Moon mission in the coming years.

Initially, the Federal Aviation Authority's (FAA) Space Division has prohibited SpaceX from test-launching its SN9 Starship for several consecutive days in the past week as proper evacuation and road closures were incomplete.

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SpaceX SN9 Starship Crash Lands After Test Flight... Again

SpaceX SN9 Starship
(Photo : Everyday Astronaut via YouTube Screenshot)

As previewed live by SpaceX in their YouTube Livestream channel, the SN9 Starship had a promising start and initial preparations as everything was in place for the company's stainless steel spacecraft. Also, the company has already checked the rocket lines and all the necessary tests beforehand.

The SN9 Starship has successfully launched its Raptor rocket boosters and engines upon firing, and it has a liftoff without any sweat or signs of problems. The stainless steel Starship was able to launch for as much as 10 kilometers towards the skies, as part of its planning, which the company has initially pushed for 12 kilometers of flight.

As it went back to the surface and its launch pad, the SN9 Starship performed the same "Belly Flop" maneuver that was done by the previous SN8 Starship, in which the thrusters would adjust the landing area and decrease the velocity. However, as it nears its landing point and changing into an upward position (the same as its launch stance), the spacecraft erupted into flames.

The 120-meter rocket with 9 meters of diameter and a payload capacity of 100+ tonnes to low Earth orbit (LEO) has erupted in flames, much like the SN8, and fans are fearing the same fate for the SN10.

SpaceX SN9 Eruption, Will the SN10 Face the Same Fate?

Fans in the comment section of the YouTube video were throwing taunts and fearing that the SN10 would face the same fate as the SN9 which erupted in flames and ended in a fiery disaster. It is known that Elon Musk has posted both photos of the SN9 and SN10 side-by-side, signifying that the company already has a ready prototype for the next Starship.

Elon Musk was "off of Twitter for a while," and no one would explain what happened to the SN9, as opposed to the SN8's explosion being defended by the CEO.

Watch SpaceX SN9 Starship Crash Video here:

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