If you are a lucky owner of the next-gen console from Sony, the PlayStation 5, chances are you have already encountered one of its most annoying flaws, but thanks to a software system update by the company, things should change for the better now.

PS5 software system update fix annoying issue
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The latest PS5 software system update has fixed the issue with regards to downloading wrong versions of games.

Most Frustrating PS5 Flaw

According to TechRadar, the flaw in question is none other than when the console keeps on installing the PlayStation 4 versions from PS4 game discs that have already been updated to PS5 versions.

Oftentimes, even if players reboot the console, the PS4 version of the game titled would always start downloading instead of the upgraded one once the disc is inside the console--and that continues despite the PS5 version of the same title has already been installed.

This can be extremely frustrating for the players who want nothing else than to finally play their favorite PS4 games on a better console.

Moreover, players would have to cancel the installation happening each time they switch on their consoles or would end up having multiple versions of the same game on their device, which eats up some storage.

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Latest Sony Software System Update

Although it was a small issue, Sony had gladly fixed it with the latest software system update.

According to the report, the update has a modest size of 868.3MB, so if you have some internet connection issues, you better switch to an Ethernet connection for the update to ensure your update installs faster.

The update should be available now.

Besides the obvious fix for the annoying issue, the system update also "improves system performance," which means it might have fixed some other minor issues as well.

Despite the now-addressed frustrating PS5 flaw, the overall experience with the next-gen console is practically smooth without any major bugs that would otherwise ruin a player's experience, although it did seem to have some issues with its cross-compatibility and mistakenly running or downloading the wrong version of a game.

Nowadays, whenever players would launch cross-gen games, they would be met with the message that says they are about to launch the PS4 version and would be given a chance to download or play that version or switch to PS5 one.

Minor Improvements Made

Besides the fix, the system update also allows selecting and editing video clips through the Share Factory Studio from the console's media gallery.

The update is rather underwhelming, but it's definitely good news for those who are encountering the issue.

As of now, there are still tons of players that were unable to acquire the next-gen console due to the lack of supply of PS5 and most retailers are only offering the console online, which makes it harder for legit buyers to secure one.

Moreover, the problem with scalpers and bots are not helping.

Still, Sony's launch of the console remains to be their biggest sale to date despite the continuous lack of supply, which will most likely continue in the coming months until production is back at full scale.

For those who are hunting for the console, check major retailers now and then.

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