Amazon has introduced a few exciting additions to Alexa in the previous month including some smart-home friendly abilities. According to CNET , Alexa has been working well to make home activitied useful and innovative like the smoke detection settings.  However, today, Amazon has yet launched something more exhilarating: exciting alarm sounds and some useful COVID skills. 

 Amazon Alexa Can Now Help you Find Nearest COVID-19 Testing Site and Let you Wakeup to a Minion Alarm
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New Exciting Alexa Alarms that You Can Wake Up To 

Amazon has launched their Minions Free alarm. You can set this up just by saying "Alexa wake me up at 7am to minions alarm tone."

Here are some Minion alarm sounds available:

  • "Peep Peep Peep"
  • "Banana!"
  • "Kumbaya!"
  • "Bello! La Lala La Lala"
  • "Boing Boing Boing!"
  • "Oh! Hello, Papaguena! Tu Le Bella Comme Le Papaya"

As the Verge has reported, you can select from any of these sounds that you want to use. For Despicable Me fans, waking up to a minions alarm can be a new morning experience. Other than the minions alarm, you can also pick some sounds from your favorite TV shows like Disney, Harry Potter, and Jurassic World. Again, you need only to say "Alexa, wake me up to (the tone you want)." Most of these alarm tones are available to download for free. Some tones have upgrades which cost $1.99 or more.

Having exciting morning sounds can definitely set a new mood for mornings. For others who don't find it annoying, this can set a really active and playful mood for the day. You can ask Alexa where these are or you can browse it yourself. You can add them for the Android version available in the app. If you're an iOS user, you may just read the list and command your speaker to install them automatically. 

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Finding the Nearest Covid Testing Site and Vaccine Trials Made Easier with Alexa

Alexa has also been working well with COVID-useful abilities. Now, Amazon has added a new feature that allows you to find the nearest COVID testing sites or available nearby vaccine trials. You only need to say "Where can I get tested for COVID" and Alexa will send you a list of places where you can go to. To add to that, you can also ask Alexa to call those locations if you need more information. 

If you are looking for available vaccine trials you may ask Alexa by saying "Alexa find a COVID trial". It will send you a list of available vaccine trials that are within a 30-mile reach. It utilizes the research organization IQVIA to look for legitimate vaccine trials. 

While these information may be found on the internet, having it built-in with Alexa may be a more convenient option, especially when you often find yourself multi-tasking to numerous jobs.

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