Elon Musk Warns Tesla Buyers Telling Them to Buy Only at the Beginning or When Production Reaches a Steady State and Not In Between
(Photo : Screenshot From Car and Driver YouTube) Elon Musk Warns Tesla Buyers Telling Them to Buy Only at the Beginning or When Production Reaches a Steady State and Not In Between

The overall quality of the known Tesla cars now suffers each time that the company tries to dramatically scale up its production. This was admitted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk during an interview on February 2. Musk also noted that Tesla was making cars really fast nearing 2020's end that it had actually messed up the car's paint jobs.

Elon Musk warns about Tesla

According to a story by The Verge, Tesla has reportedly gained multiple criticism for its quality of cars. This was especially true after it had started making them at what was noted as a relatively high volume with both the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y. However, in an interview that took place with the industry analyst named Sandy Munro, Musk was reportedly unusually candid regarding the discussed quality control problems.

Elon Musk noted that it actually took quite a while for them to iron out the whole production process and that his friends asked him when they should buy a Tesla. The CEO then answered that they should buy the Tesla either during the beginning or when the complete production is able to reach a steady state. The CEO then noted that during the car's production ramp, it would be really hard to be in their solid vertical climb mode and be able to get everything exactly right on every little detail.

Tesla Model 3 paint issue

Mundo then questioned why the brand new Tesla Model 3 sedan experienced some paint issues, when just another one was built a month later with what he saw as "spectacular" Elon Musk then replied that Tesla had been able to improve the paint quality towards last year's end even during the course of December.

While the Tesla Model 3 is already over 3-years-old Tesla has reportedly spent much of its 2020 still trying to hit quite an ambitious target that was set up by the CEO of being able to sell a whopping 500,000 vehicles. This push had apparently led towards more quality problems that came along with the paint.

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Tesla Model 3 compared to a 1990s Kia

Elon Musk then noted that one of the things that happened was that the company was ramping up production and that the paint was not necessarily drying enough. He then noted that it was like if they would go faster, they then discovered things and if they knew them in advance, they would have been able to fix the problems in advance.

Munro is said to be well known for his act of tearing down every car stretching from all types. His critiques of Tesla's own vehicles, however, are especially popular. His recent examination of the Tesla Model 3 back in 2018 was also particularly tough as he compared the quality to that of a Kia coming from the 1990s released on Jalopnik

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