'Overwatch 'Year of the Ox Lunar New Year: New Skins Revealed and Patch Notes Update
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/ BRO YOU WACK) The Year of the Ox Lunar New Year event of 'Overwatch' will feature two new skins and a new patch notes update.

"Overwatch" now revealed the latest skins to be released in the Lunar New Year event, which could be one of the most explosive shindigs of the game. Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of "Overwatch" is looking forward for the players to test and enjoy the recent patch notes updates.

The "Overwatch" New Year event will run from February 4 until February 25. Moreover, the event will also invade gaming consoles like PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. It will kick off at 6pm GMT in the United Kingdom.

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New skins revealed!

The Year of the Ox is expected to bring prosperity for all players who now vie to participate in the 2021 Lunar New Year event. Meanwhile, this is made to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year next week, February 12.

When Blizzard teased the first set of soon-to-release skins on Twitter, the excitement went far for the diehard "Overwatch" players. The new skins of Tiger Huntress and Kkachi Echo are the first to arrive but Blizzard assured the players that more skins will come several hours heading to the major event.

 "Flight routine: Activated. Take to the skies as Kkachi Echo. Lunar New Year begins February 4," Blizzard posted.

"Eye of the tiger. Tiger. Prowl in search of your prey as Tiger Huntress," Blizzard wrote in another tweet.

Besides the inclusion of the fresh skins for the Lunar event, a new stash of items and several rewards will also be launched by Blizzard. To unlock the new "Overwatch" items, make sure you level up during the game so you can gather loot boxes and open them.

Blizzard is not yet finished upon the release of new skins and items as they intensified the game mode even further through the limited-time event 'Capture the Flag.' Furthermore, a set of weekly challenges and new rewards.

General Updates for the Lunar New Year Event

Feature Update: Replay Viewer Fine-Grained Playback Controls

 -Blizzard now features a toggle between two playback controls that are different, the "fine-grained" playback controls and the default one

 - Players will be allowed to maneuver the speed of the replay playback to his/her choice gradually in smaller scale than 0.25, for the fine-grained playback controls (now it will let you speed up and down from 0.10x to 1.00x)

 -In adding or subtracting the speed for your playback acceleration, just hold the "Move slow" control.

 - The recent update will make your game photography cooler than before through slo-mo shots and more to come

General Update

  • A "New Ownership" filter is added to the player icon tab located in the career profile

  • The update also allows you to manipulate the escape menu's layout when you are playing a custom game.

  • Blizzard now features an adjusted sound perfect for you to hear clearer when hitting a target

Bug Fixes


  • Previously, a player encounters a bug when sending a real ID friend request. Now, the chat feed is already fixed which already indicates when a player accepts the request.


  • Reaper

 - Fixed a bug with his hit volume becoming out of sync if frozen during his ultimate ability

  • Zenyatta

 - Fixed a bug with his Toybot skin that caused an animation issue to occur when casting orbs

The Lunar New Year event will overlap with the BlizzCon Online, where Blizzard will be spilling more "Overwatch 2" news. Besides "Overwatch," Blizzard has also tons of rewards inside their special 30th anniversary pack which includes perks from "Diablo 3," "World of Warcraft," and more to come, GamesSpot reported.

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