Kojima Productions Announces Pre-Orders for Death Stranding Figma Sam Porter Bridges Action Figure: How to Order
(Photo : Screenshot From PlayStation Official YouTube Channel) Kojima Productions Announces Pre-Orders for Death Stranding Figma Sam Porter Bridges Action Figure: How to Order

Kojima Productions on Twitter has just announced that the Death Stranding figma Sam Porter Bridges as well as the figma Sam Porter Bridges: DX Edition are both available for pre-order. Both of these action figures were reportedly by MXF_official which was tagged on Twitter.

How to pre-order 'Death Stranding' Sam Porter Bridges

While Kojima has become a hit name to the gaming world, one of his modern classics, Death Stranding has also been gaining attraction for being one of the most interesting post-apocalyptic games recently released. The tweet coming from Kojima Productions on Twitter announces that the action figures for figma Sam Porter Bridges are open for pre-orders.

There were reportedly two links provided going directly to goodsmileshop. There was a different link for the US and Canada and another link for people elsewhere. The game, however, brough mixed reviews according to a November 2019 article.


Is 'Death Stranding' boring? 

An article by The Verge dubbed the game as both "breathtaking and boring" and although fans would disagree, the article provides an interesting take on Kojima Productions' game. Over the course of the game, which reportedly lasted over 50 hours, the writers' feelings towards the BB had changed.

The article then noted that at first the game made the writer feel uncomfortable nuisance, but further throughout the game, the writer then became attached to the kid. The writer then noted that when the kid cried, the player would need to find some sort of safe space to gently rock it until the kid would calm down.

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'Death Stranding' review

The player also had to make sure to check on the kid when they would bunk for the night. During just a few moments within the game when Sam as well as BB were separated, the player reportedly felt like something very important was in fact missing. The article noted that Death Stranding is the type of game that would seem to fight players every step of the way.

The game is riddled with some clunky menus or even nonsensical dialogue and according to the article, although it can sometimes be downright boring, there is still beauty and heart to discover within the game if players are able to stick with the story itself. What else could players expect from creator Hideo Kojima?

According to the game's description on Steam, the game comes from the legendary game creator gamers all know as Hideo Kojima and is said to be an all-new, genre-defying experience. The character, Sam Bridges must remain brave and storm a world that was utterly transformed by the said Death Stranding. The description then notes as Sam Bridges carries the disconnected remnants of humanity's future within his hands, he then goes on a journey to try and reconnect along with the shattered world going one step at a time.

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