Fitness Trackers are mostly centered on a single technology device and that is smartwatches that pair well with smartphones and compiles all the necessary data for the user who operates the watch during an activity. While fitness trackers are now mostly compiled on smartwatches, it initially required many apparatuses to determine different body functions.

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Also, back then, people would have to enroll in gyms and other fitness centers to have their health tracking and personal trainers to determine their achievements, attainments, and track with exercise. However, this limits activities to gyms, which unlike in the modern era, has evolved to pocket-sized and accessory types such as watches.

Factors to Consider for a Fitness Tracker

A good, modern-day fitness tracker should have a portable feature and as what the industry considers now, a smartwatch that can feed data to smartphones and its dedicated applications. Moreover, users should look for fitness trackers that are now in the form of smartwatches as it is the easiest solution to a tracker that can potentially put everything a user needs on the table.

Other than that, these smartwatches should not only be an accessory to a smartphone, as features such as heartbeat sensor, blood O2 saturation, step counter, and other fitness determiners are what is ideal for the tracker. Lastly, choosing the best fitness tracker should be the one that is most comfortable to use in terms of interface and its fit to one's wrist.

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Top 5 Best Fitness Trackers of 2021

1. Fitbit Sense - Most Advanced Fitbit for All Fitness Needs

Fitbit Sense
(Photo : Fitbit)

Fitbit is one of the most known names in fitness tracking, especially during its early iterations that are mostly GPS-based smartwatches that have accessories for heart rate monitors and other peripherals. The Fitbit Sense is the latest flagship fitness tracker of the company, that also doubles as a smartwatch for all smartphones in the market.


  • Tools and Features are Extensive
  • Stress Management and Skin Temperature Trends and limited New Features
  • Design is oval-square, which presents a good fit in men and women's wrist
  • Alexa-assistant ready
  • Smartwatch Features (Text, Call, App notifications)

The Fitbit Sense is a complete smartwatch and fitness tracker that is packed into one device. It would give users everything they need and still present a stylish device.


  • Google Assistant is not available
  • SpO2 readings can only be done while on a specific built-in app/ watch face
  • Resembles a smartwatch more than a fitness tracker
  • The interface is not as impressive as smartwatches (Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, etc.)

Fitbit Sense is still a fitness tracker at heart, so it may lack some features expected of a smartwatch.

2. Apple Watch Series 6 - Best Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker for Apple

Apple Watch
(Photo : Apple)

The latest smartwatch of the most valuable company is the top choice Apple users, but the second pick for fitness trackers, as it is a watch that is mainly focused on the iOS. The Apple Watch was initially an accessory for the iPhone but it evolved as a smartwatch, and now, an ideal fitness tracker that has a variety of special Apple fitness apps.


  • Packed with Features: Heart Rate Monitor, Blood SpO2 Saturation, Health Notifications, and more.
  • Best smartwatch and fitness tracker for Apple iPhone users
  • Apple Siri enabled
  • Customizable bands for different needs
  • Processor Chip and WatchOS are top-notch
  • Compatible with a handful of third-party apps

Apple packs an impressive combination of technology for the Apple Watch, as it is one of the most significant accessories of the iPhone there is that can also be an ideal fitness tracker.


  • Battery Life is Somehow weaker compared to the competition
  • Expensive with a starting price tag of $399
  • Apple-exclusive watch, cannot pair with Android and computers

While Apple Watches are mostly impressive, its cons list may discourage users, especially if they do not prefer the iPhone.

3. Garmin vivoactive 4 - Best Watch for Music-Filled Workouts

Garmin vivoactive 4
(Photo : Garmin)

Garmin is one of the most popular smartwatch and fitness tracker brands in the country and the globe, as it is one of the pioneers who has been a choice for users since the early emergence and trend of the accessory. Garmin's vivoactive 4 is one of the most advanced fitness trackers on this list, focusing mostly on the active lifestyle of a person.


  • Advanced Fitness Tracker Readings
  • Pulse Oximeter, Respiration Tracking, Breathing
  • Contactless Payments
  • Downloadable Apps available
  • Onboard music storage
  • Underwater function

The vivoactive 4 is an impressive watch that brings music storage of up to 500 songs to the watch itself and does not require a smartphone while on the run. Moreover, it is one of the most dependable fitness trackers in the market.


  • Requires multiple apps for its different functions
  • Same looks (round face) like its previous releases

Garmin has not changed its looks over the past releases of the watch and applications are excessive, not featuring an all-in-one system.

4. Coros Apex - Lengthy Battery Life for Various Activities

Coros Apex
(Photo : COROS)

Coros Apex is one of the most impressive watches on this list that pits itself against giants including Fitbit and Garmin. It offers sturdy battery life with a simple interface and design for its watch, which is not too sporty-looking and lavish.


  • Impressive Battery life
  • GPS-ready
  • Sleep tracking
  • Includes features like threshold pace, lactate threshold, and VO2 max
  • One of the best smartphone app for data and information needs
  • Supports multiple sports like cycling, swimming, running, and more.

The Coros Apex is a watch like no other, as it puts itself directly on fitness tracking needs, and nothing more. It is downright, a watch made for all exercise needs.


  • Does not offer Touchscreen capabilities
  • Not a smartwatch
  • Big watch face for small wrists
  • Cannot adjust the brightness

The Coros Apex is a downright fitness tracker and does not feature all the other fancy features of modern fitness trackers with the likes of Fitbit and Garmin.

5. Polar Grit X - Best Multi-Activity Watch with GPS

Polar Grit X
(Photo : Polar)

The Polar Grit X is one of the best-rugged fitness trackers there is, as it means business with its impressive exercise features that answer the need for these kinds of watches. Moreover, it presents a dependable GPS and companion app for fitness needs and does not skimp on the requirements from indoor to outdoor activities.


  • Komoot Route Planning Compatible
  • Sleep tracking
  • Excellent battery life and GPS features
  • Training advice and fueling reminders
  • Always on Display
  • Great App companion
  • Phone notifications

In terms of fitness trackers that mean business and doubles as a "semi" smartwatch, Polar Grit X is an excellent choice for exercise buff users.


  • Fitness Tracking-focused, no smartwatch features apart from notifications
  • Expensive with a starting price of $418

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