TikTok Minecraft Valentines World: Users Throw An Early Celebration for Upcoming Hearts' Day!
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/iMonster US) Minecraft Valentines World toured the TikTok users to an early celebration of Valentine's Day.

It's only a few days remaining before Hearts' Day but people thought ahead of the celebration. The TikTok community is now enjoying the growing popularity of the Valentine's Day-themed "Minecraft" Worlds. Users seemed to enjoy how their creativity in expressing their love has gone too far.

TikTok 'Minecraft' Valentines World

Roses and chocolates are the most common gifts during Valentine's Day, but now the trending hit in Tiktok last month surged again this upcoming Valentine's Day. "Minecraft" has invaded TikTok once again so people have their extra time building state-of-the-art architectural designs. It will take a long time for you to construct the desired Valentine tribute for your loved ones, yet it is all worth it in the end.

Through the "Minecraft" Worlds' "sweet layout," numerous "Minecraft" videos are now on TikTok. The multiplayer game just gets stronger across all users. It also engages the couples to establish a "different" kind of connection, where some reminisced how they first met through the game.

In a report by Polygon, a TikTok user named @dinosourchickennuggies posted one of the most viral videos where his girlfriend rode a cart for a rollercoaster ride. She stopped after passing an underground tunnel before reaching a point that she was surprised. After seeing "TURN AROUND" on her side, a "Minecraft" character of the creator fell from above and tossed a flower and a book to her girlfriend.

@dinosourchickennuggiesCrying #valentine #minecraft #fuckvalentine #jk #love #fyp ♬ Sparks - Coldplay

More surprisingly, what looks like a simple book turns out to be a love letter that reads "I love you so much, baby. Forever and always. WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?"

@kashii.cosHehehe #fyp #minecraft #valentineday #valentine #minecraftvalentine ♬ The Loser - Verzache

For Kashii. cos, another "Minecraft" player, touring her boyfriend through a self-built "Minecraft" Valentines World is her way to join the trend. She said that before making a romantic virtual world, she first watched a few videos. Since they played "Minecraft" first before meeting in person, the game has brought them closer until now.

@sj.craft part one:) this took me way to long to let it flop #minecraft #valentines #foryou #valentinesday #minecraftvalentine #girlfriend #viral #trending #fyp ♬ Sparks - Coldplay

SJ Craft, another girl who is fond of playing "Minecraft" has been surprised by her boyfriend. Like the first TikTok clip, the girl was toured through a minecart, where she witnessed many structures including hearts,a turtle,a toad, and a cat. The video ended with the man giving a flower to her girlfriend to the tune of Coldplay's Sparks.

The video has now over 2.7 million views and 12,000 shares.

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Online Video Games Create Long-Lasting Relationships

With what seems to be a year of uncertainty, 2020 became a haven of new connections. Online video games became more widely-known at the peak of the pandemic, Screen Rant reported. Since people want a safer but more interactive environment, they saw the potential of video games to forge a different kind of vibe.

Besides "Minecraft," "Among Us," has worked before as a dating platform for the users as well as games like "Call of Duty" and "World of Warcraft."

It's interesting to imagine how a vast stage for gaming will one day become a bridge for connection. It's even fascinating to recall how it transforms into a major habit of the people. For two people, gaming is what binds them together in harmony.

To get you started, here is a tutorial on how to build a Valentine Heart House

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