Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS5 Gets Bigger as Leaker Claims PC Migration and New Story Content!
(Photo : Screenshot From Gamer's Little Playground YouTube) Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS5 Gets Bigger as Leaker Claims PC Migration and New Story Content!

While Square Enix has definitely done a good job with hyping up some previous "Final Fantasy" fans with the "Final Fantasy VII" remake PS5 version, it seems like there could be another bigger surprise just yet! Tomorrow, the official "Final Fantasy VII" Remake Orchestra World Tour is expected to go down and Square Enix has already given confirmation that there will also be announcements shared like every year. What could they be?

'Final Fantasy' VII remake release date

According to an article by ComicBook, as of the moment, there's still no official telling what the announcements could be about. With that said, ahead of the upcoming event, a brand new rumor starts circulating on the surface claiming that not only will Square Enix's brand new "Final Fantasy VII" remake PS5 the good news, but the game is also expected to be getting an upcoming upgrade as well!

In addition to this information, it is now apparently also making its way to PC. This sheds light on the PlayStation exclusivity currently in process still. With PC becoming another platform that the "Final Fantasy 7" remake can be played on, it would be interesting just how the controls would work out or if the gameplay would be improved for the "Final Fantasy 7" remake PC.

'Final Fantasy 7' remake rumors

The surfacing rumor reportedly comes the way of a certain leaker Navtra, who is currently claiming that the said PS5 port will also come along with brand new story content. This would reportedly make the game more of an enhanced as well as expanded version of the given game instead of just an enhanced version of what happened with the popular 2020 title. The same version is also reportedly coming to the PC. However, it was said that it won't be available for the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X.

According to the leaker, what they last heard was that it is releasing a brand new PS5 and PC version and no Xbox version. it was also noted that there is going to feel a little more substantial as the resolution increase isn't the only big news. The leaker then noted that there is new story content on the way. The leaker has been known to relay correct information regarding certain "Final Fantasy" rumors in the past so his claims as of the moment might be taken with some optimism.

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Should the leak be believed?

The leaker then continued by claiming that all of the information was supposed to be revealed at a much earlier date. However, obviously, things change. The leaker then added to this noting everything above that they have heard going on for a few months ago. This might mean that it's quite outdated as of this moment. In other words, just like any other rumor, the audience should still be cautious in expecting.

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