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One of the most popular video games right now is "Genshin Impact." Aside from its storyline and aesthetically pleasing background, it is filled with lovable characters with personalities that will make an mark on you.

Although the game has loveable characters, on the other side of the stick are characters that gets under people's skin. Some of them are hostile, irritating and just straight up vile. Here are the top 5 most disliked character in the game.


Bennett is a fantastic "Genshin Impact" character and one of the most popular one. He can output a lot of Pyro damage while also healing or buffing his teammates, depending on how low their HP is, according to Game8.

Bennett can also be very annoying and can get into the player's nerves. Many players find his overly positive attitude and very cheerful voice as too fake and over the top, and he can be a bit too much to handle for some. That does not stop most players from including him in their respective party composition.

Bennett's element is pyro, his weapon is a sword, his birthday is on February 29 and his constellation is Rota Calamitas.

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When the players of the game first meet Kaeya, he seems like a character that is cool and collected. He is calm, smart and he is a bit detached. He also has a cool eyepatch, according to Ginx.

However, the hate begins when he gives his first quest, as it turns out to be a ruse to get you to do his task for him. The more that you find out about Kaeya, the more likable he becomes, but this first significant interaction leaves a bad taste in the mouth for many players of the game.

Kaeya's element is cryp, his weapon is a sword, his birthday is on November 30 and his constellation is Pavo Ocellus.

The Traveler

The Traveler is a main character, and it is difficult to like him since he is generic and he does not pair up will with the other "Genshin Impact" characters players that are earned from earning or wishing. While there is no doubt that he has depth, a lot of it is only in his profile interactions with Paimon.

The Traveler's element is Anemo/Geo, his weapon is sword, his birthday is for you to choose and his constellation is Viator and Viatrix.


Players have a love/hate relationship with Paimon. Those who hater do is passionate about it as she is loud, she talks too much and she interrupts people when they are talking.

Paimon's element is emergency food, her weapon is snark, her birthday is June 1 and she does not have a constellation.


Amber is a character that is universally hated in "Genshin Impact". She carries the title as one of the most useless characters in the game, no matter how players kit her out, according to Forbes.

Amber is the first character that the player recruits and helps solve some puzzles from the beginning. She is also replaced by just about any other Pyro character that a player gets.

Amber's element is Pyro, her weapon is bow, her birthday is August 10 and her constellation is Lepus.

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