Two of the massive big techs of the modern era, Facebook and Apple, are out for blood against each other and wish to overpower either side using their technology. The relationship between its heads and CEO, Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg, saw an unforeseen rift and tension which pits both companies against each other that stem years ago.

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Facebook is known for social media, connectivity, and multiple application features of its networks, while Apple is known for its smart gadgets and software including the iPhone and the iOS, the MacBook with the macOS, and the like. Ideally, these two companies should be maintaining a good relationship because both businesses complement each other.

On the present day, the feud continues, particularly with the iOS 14's Privacy Policy that defeats Facebook's ad tracking service to "better serve" its customers.

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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Wants to 'Inflict Pain' on Apple

According to the Wall Street Journal's report, Facebook CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has once addressed employees saying "we need to inflict pain" on Apple after the Cupertino giant's CEO comments. The Apple CEO, on the other hand, has released quite a few jabs against Facebook, particularly with the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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These were reported by the employees and insiders of both camps, which reveals the tension and beef that the two have for each other. In public, it would be unnoticeable that these two have intense feelings against each other and how they run their business but insiders revealed that there is a "secret war" that is present and growing. 

Facebook is known for its massive presence in the technology industry which makes it a direct competitor of Apple with its products, almost defeating the purpose of complementing each other. The social media company has an edge over Apple, particularly with the Oculus VR, which Apple aims to explore with the rumors for this year. 

Facebook on iOS 14's Update for Privacy Labels

Tim Cook has been campaigning and advocating about Privacy within Apple's products and everything which uses its software and services to protect the interests and safety of its users. The change has begun appearing since the arrival of its latest operating system for the iPhone and iPad, the iOS 14.

Tim Cook's Story: How the Son of a Shipyard Worker Makes Apple World's Most Valuable Company
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CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 10: Apple CEO Tim Cook delivers the keynote address during a special event on September 10, 2019 in the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple's Cupertino, California campus. Apple unveiled several new products including an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Apple Watch Series 5 and seventh-generation iPad.

The main change would supposedly appear in iOS 14.5 which would now be requiring all of the applications to disclose whenever it is using privacy settings on Apple devices like location GPS, camera, microphone, and more. The iOS is almost 6 months old now, and Apple aims for this version to fully integrate its settings, expecting developers to adhere. 

Facebook's defiance against the Privacy Labels Settings and Apple's secret issues against social media has tensed the relationship between the two. Facebook is yet unknown if it would appeal against the iOS 14.5's requirements, as it previously complained about. 

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