Twitch Streamer Asian Andy Earns $16,000 Through Sleeping for 7 Hours!
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/Asian Andy) Asian Andy raised a staggering amount of $16,000 through filming himself for seven hours while sleeping.

At some point in their life, many people have imagined earning tons of money by merely sleeping. A night of interrupted sleep is a different story but for a Twitch streamer, raising money while lying in bed seems like a passive source of income. How did a streamer end up with his gimmick?

Asian Andy Is Losing Sleep But He Is Gaining Money

If you are offered to earn $16,000 in exchange for broken sleep, people will most likely accept the offer. For the streamers who play games on a regular basis, combatting their desire to sleep is one of the problems that they face only to make more money. The case of Asian Andy, however, has a various plot which you might find interesting.

The 26-year-old streamer has made a big amount of money for only seven hours while filming himself in his bed. His viewers watched him during the process and they sent text-to-speech messages and audios that are intended to distract his sleep.

Some viewers are reportedly playing ear-splitting sounds like a dog's bark or a continuous, ringing alarm clock through Alexa. Others were scaring him after saying that there is an unknown guest at the window. Asian Andy could just ignore all the comments given that he was hugging his dog.

In a YouTube video, the Asian streamer said that he was just trying to doze and he did not know what was happening since the door was locked. Despite others asking about his location which he found uncomfortable, he felt surprised that many viewers were watching his live stream to make up for his restlessness.

"You guys aren't gonna believe this. Thank you, holy f*** bro. $16,000, holy s***."Yo, holy s***. Thank you so much. I used to drive [an] Uber for $16 an hour, Andy said after the live stream.

According to Lad Bible, what's even interesting is he lives next to his parents' room so hearing noises while they are sleeping is a big challenge to the part of the streamer. While many took advantage of disturbing his peace, others expressed concern about the dog while it heard loud music in the room.

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A commenter said that he felt sorry for the dog who only wanted to sleep while another commented that the dog knew what was going on around it.

Meanwhile, another viewer asked the people in the stream where she can sign up for the 'sleeping job'. She jokingly added that other people might catch her husband experiencing night terrors in his sleep.

Asian Andy Just Followed The Trend

Truly, Asian Andy's gimmick is unique yet it is not the very first time that someone did it. In fact, the first streamers who filmed themselves and earned money later were Alex Shannon and Poseidon, Explica reported.

Ice Poseidon was the streamer who gained $5,000 while sleeping for eight hours. It was in 2017 when he accomplished it using the same technique that Asian Andy used: the text-to-speech technology so the audience was free to do whatever they wanted to send in the live stream.

The second one, Alex Shannon has a penchant for sleeping. He is an Instagram influence who travels around the world just to sleep in the most luxurious beds.

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