Lamborghini Diablo SV-R Now on Sale Until February 21, 2021, Stocks Limited at Only 31!
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/Harnett Media) Only 31 Lamborghini Diablo SV-R cars are made.

For the car fanatics, Lamborghini Diablo SV-R is now on sale until February 21. The supercar is now ready for a tough race as only 31 of it were created. Rarity and speed became complementary with its release.

Lamborghini Diablo SV-R  Racecar Could Complete your Supercar Collection

Lamborghini cars are known to be widely-fascinated due to their designs and capacity. Now this, Diablo SV-R could be the missing link to your Lambo fascination. It will be sold for a week so you will be reminded that only 31 of it were built by the car manufacturing company.

Now boasting its dominant appearance, the new SV-R seems to be fully prepared for a wear-and-tear journey. The Diablo spectrum gets an impressive wheel power through a five-speed dogleg manual transmission. What else could be more interesting besides a 5.70liter aspirated V12 located at the back of the cabin so you could drive with the wind.

If you are motorsport-ready now, Plexiglass side windows will welcome you along with its striped interior. Besides it, a full-blast fire suppression system, bucket seat, and roll cage are also included in its features. You might also want to check the cooling ducts which replaced the headlight clusters.

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Moreover, this Diablo SV-R has been around for ages especially known to Formula One fans and supercar enthusiasts. Around the late 90s, its 16th model roamed across Europe. It was made popular by Fabio Santaniello who won the Lamborghini Super Sport Trophy championship, according to the Road and Track.

The big win gave it another rise to the scene after it conquered 18 race wins in Australia. Between 200 and 2001, it continued to be one of people's favorites during the Australian Nations Cup Championship held at Mount Panorama and Adelaide.

Recently, an unknown buyer invested to rebuild the car with a new set of wheels, a wheel gun, and even super brakes. A total of $124,000 has been spent in restoring its vintage appearance only to make it fit in the racing scene again. Its new owner just assumed that Diablo can now be race-ready for the American and European race competitions.

If you feel that you can purchase an elusive Diablo model, the SV-R can be found in Melbourne, Australia. Just remember that Lamborghini will not settle for less, so prepare your huge chunk of money to be spent later for this supercar. For more details, visit Trading Garage.

Bonus Facts about Lamborghini Diablo SV-R

Have you watched or at least played "Need for Speed?" Lamborghini Diablo has been one of the best cars in the original race car series. In 1995, it became famous along with other supercars like Ferrari 512 TR, Supra Turbo, Corvette ZR-1, Honda NSX, RX-7, and Dodge Viper. Out of the elite cars, Diablo has maintained its top-notch status in racing.

The supercar just turned 30 last December 2020. As a commemoration for its release, Top Gear decided to note 10 things that you might not know about it. It could be a coincidence that his 31st anniversary for this year could match its 31 stocks. Who knows why the original creator just decided to produce a meager number of them?

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