'Tekken 7' Tifa Lockhart: 'Final Fantasy 7' Mod Download, Costumes, Voice Pack, and MORE
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/I AM OP) 'Final Fantasy 7's' Tifa Lockhart has been to 'Tekken 7' as a new character mod.

Tifa Lockhart from the "Final Fantasy 7" game has been added as a "Tekken 7" mod. A creator named Wolfe decided to make Cloud's girlfriend in replace of Filipino fighter Josie Rizal.

'Tekken 7' Meets Tifa Lockhart

The Bandai Namco-owned "Tekken 7" became the ninth installment of the fighting video game series that started in 1994. The latest trend of the popular multiplayer, the online game added a twist of characters from all around the world including famous characters from "Final Fantasy," "Street Fighter," and even the big-hit zombie series "The Walking Dead."

The recent acquisition of Tifa Lockhart through Wolfe's mod has worked as a replacement for the Philippines' national hero resemblance, Josie Rizal, who is a model and a brawler according to her story in the game. Now, Noctis has another companion as a representative for "Final Fantasy."

Upon downloading the mod, you can switch Tifa's outfit for five different types including a sporty and mature Wall Market attire, an Advent Children outfit, a classic outfit in FF7, and a cowboy attire. In addition, Wolfe is already 90% finished in creating Tifa's Exotic dress, so that will be her sixth outfit.

Additionally, you can also use the beta version for her voice pack, but some lines are still incomplete so we will know in the upcoming days how it will progress. Besides the new voice lines, a fresh HUD will also welcome you once you download the mod. Rizal's HUD will be replaced by Lockhart so her other assets including outfits, accessories, and other items will change although Wolfe did not assure that they will all work upon the application.

Some Flaws of the Current Mod That Needs To Be Fixed

In a report by VG 247, Wolfe noted that there are still some bugs in the mod that he made. He pointed out that Tifa's hair will hang in the air when she uses Rage Art. Furthermore, there are also issues about her kimono costume, but it will not much affect the gameplay.

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Wolfe said that hair physics could collide and experience bugs for a moment. He continued that he will adjust to the problems in the future. He specifically referred to the sleeves on the kimono attire which requires knowledge on proper cloth simulation as he used UE4 Physics in adjusting the physics of the item.

For more information about the updates of the mod, visit Tekken Mods.

Other 'Tekken 7' Mods That You Can Download

In addition to the Tifa Lockhart mod, you might also check the following mods that you can apply to the game:

  • "Tekken 7" Forgotten City
  • Trace Arena
  • Purple Galaxy Azure 2
  • Jungle Castle Outpost
  • Mishima Arena
  • Geometric Plane Mod
  • Infinite Utopia
  • No Infinity (for Practice Mode)
  • Devil Jin Tekken 5 Skin
  • Alisa's Korean Saber Pack
  • Mishima Building (Daylight and Nighttime)
  • Tomio Fujisawa Character Select & Battle Icon
  • Tekken 7 Jukebox Tool + Packs
  • Honmaru - Mishima Dojo Replacement
  • Ordinary Tekken - Reshade Preset

Who knows what will be the next mod to be released? It could be another new character from another video game or it could be a popular antagonist from the well-known tv series. The rest is up to the modders to enhance the game on a different level so all players will enjoy and feel the style of this long-running fighting game.

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