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These past few years, there is an endless variation of streaming services for music but Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music are the top three services that people are using.

All three have cultivated fanbases who appreciate the different features and benefits that set the services apart from others. In order to make it more difficult to choose between the three, all of them have subscription plans made to compete with one another.

Spotify, Apple Music, Or YouTube Music?

Spotify is the oldest streaming service out of the three as it was launched in 2008. Both Apple Music and YouTube Music were in introduced in 2015 and each of the service has made significant strides since they were launched to be named as rivals to Spotify.

With Google Play Music being shut down, many people are wondering which of the three are better and are worth paying for, according to CNET.

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Spotify, Apple Music, Or YouTube Music price and features

Deciding which of the three to get is tough. Each streaming service has access to millions of songs and podcasts and they all do so for almost the same costs.

Spotify's individual plan is $9.99 per month, with a two-person plan that is priced at $12.99 monthly and a family plan offering up to six total accounts for $14.99 every month.

Both Apple Music and YouTube Music have the same price for its individual and family plans and it allows for the same amount of profiles. Also, all three service offer $4.99 student plans for individuals currently enrolled.

Price fails to be a determining factor among these three music streaming services, that is when the feature comes in, according to USA Today.

YouTube Music is directly intertwined with the video platform that made YouTube a popular platform, meaning that music videos can be accessed just as easily as the music itself.

While both Apple Music and Spotify technically have a selection of music videos on their respective apps, but it is not as great as that of YouTube Music.

Meanwhile, Apple Music has amazing compatibility across Apple devices, including the ability to download and to stream music straight to Apple Watches even when an iPhone is not around.

Apple Music also allows users to download up to 100,000 songs to their library for if they wish to listen online. While Spotify caps out at 10,000 downloaded songs, though Spotify did recently roll out the same compatibility with Apple Watches as Apple Music.

Spotify has led the way with offering podcasts, especially with the recent excusive deals to host the "Joe Rogan Experience" on the platform, according to Screen Rant.

So which is the best? Spotify is in no doubt the best all-around service because of its wide selection of music and podcasts and it has direct compatibility with a wide range of devices including Sonos speakers, something that YouTube Music lacks.

However, Apple Music might be a great option for Apple users because of how it works with Apple devices. And YouTube Music would surely be the service of choice for anyone who wishes to access music videos. Figuring out which of these streaming service is best comes down to your needs.

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