New Spotify Patent Could Recommend Music to Users by Listening to Their Accent and More
(Photo : Screenshot From Techboomers YouTube) New Spotify Patent Could Recommend Music to Users by Listening to Their Accent and More

Spotify's pretty sweet algorithm makes finding music quite easy. But what about if users could recommend music just based on how they sound?

New Spotify Patent Uses Sound Analysis

According to the story by Gizmodo, this particular idea was proposed in a certain patent that Spotify was recently granted which would provide potential uses for this particular kind of technology. The patent even details a certain concept for using some audio signals like the users' voice, the background sound, and even the user accent to find out what the user wants to play.

One factor that could actually inform the streaming service what they should play next might be something that was noted as the "emotional state of a speaker," while others might even try to determine the users' gender or even how old they are when listening to their voice. When explaining its particular environment data collection process, the patent's author then describes how it might even be used to identify where a specific person is located whether it be outside, inside, on the train, maybe at the party, or others, and could also help potentially note how many people the user is sharing the space with.

New Spotify Patent Suggests Creepy Algorithm 

The patent states that for example, in one particular aspect, the collected environmental metadata indicates the aspects of a particular physical environment in which the particular audio signal is inputted in. In one example, the collected environmental metadata would then indicate a number of people within that environment which could indicate a location or even a noise level.

Although this might be a little creepy, there are already other technologies that are quite similar that have been existing for a few years now. Still, this is noted as an interesting application for a particular service that is competing directly with the huge data overlords like Amazon or Apple, which already have their own music services.

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How does Spotify use artificial intelligence? 

Of course, however, Spotify is still trying to gather as much data as they can possibly get its hands on. How else would the platform present its perfect algorithms that keep users hooked on its given services forever? The article by Gizmodo notes that although an official patent for this particular type of technology still exists, it is still not a complete assurance that it will ever officially be rolling out.

Spotify, however, did not immediately return Gizmodo's official request for comment. However, the company reportedly told Pitchfork that they have filed patent applications for about hundreds of different inventions and that they regularly file other new applications. Although some of the patents do become part of their future products, others do not. The platform then noted that their ambition is to be able to create the very best audio experience out there but they still do not have any official news to share as of the moment.

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