YouTube TV Might Soon Offer Offline Viewing and Downloading To The Users
(Photo : Pixabay from Pexels) YouTube TV plans to launch an offline service for viewing and downloading contents.

Several streaming apps allow a user to download a movie or a tv series online. Not only a free offline download is guaranteed, but the ease of offline viewing is also made possible.

Before the YouTube TV app will not let you do either of the two and yet this time, a change of heart happened as the TV streaming service will now cater to the needs of the users who want to watch and download content even offline mode.

YouTube TV Embraces Offline Access to Media Viewing and Downloading

The app's increase in premium subscriptions went from $50 to $65 per month. The sudden change affected the target market which is the users who avail the streaming contents. The reality is when streaming services continuously add additional channels, the subscription price will not surprisingly escalate.

For instance, YouTube TV included more than two channels to cover a wide range of audience's interests. In return, it will pay the network channels for the content that they have provided for the service. It only goes to show that what you see is what you really pay, so the fees paid to the network providers are charged to the users.

Now going back to the offline perks that the app plans to launch, 9to5Google reported that there will be a notification that will pop up in your status upon opening the 5.06.2 post update. It will show "looking for incomplete downloads" before it expires right in front of you. The update is not yet new to YouTube and to its music channel every time you pause and continue your viewing.

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According to the tech site, there will be imposed restrictions like the length of the available content for offline download or viewing upon the update, so what you can watch and keep will vary accordingly. Meanwhile, there could be some requirements for compliance that differs from one channel to another.

You are offline
Go to downloads
Watch your downloaded videos

The strings are for the offline capability of the app. Additionally, YouTube will send an alert if you are not connected to the internet. From there, you will be directed to a page where you can access all contents that you downloaded offline and you can see a download button when you view a movie from a channel.

Download Button

Downloading %1$d%%


Is There Still A Need For YouTube TV To Release The Feature?

The feature will surely provide much-needed convenience for the people everywhere they go. But, why YouTube TV just released this now? Besides, people could download in the comfort of their homes or even in coffee shops.

Michael Perrigo, the author of an article from Chrome Unboxed cannot see the need for its launch. To make up for the conclusion, he just hoped that the new features of the update will suffice to the obvious issue.

Perrigo also added that you cannot download videos offline yet when using a web browser. You can only access it through the YouTube TV Google Play app in the meantime. Considering that YouTube has been in the service for a long time, the feature could have appeared sooner.

The feature is expected to roll out in Android and iOS.

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