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Tesla is celebrating the 2nd year of the "Dog Mode" feature since they initially released it to enable owners to leave pets inside a vehicle and post a sign that it is safe for them to stay inside the vehicle despite the heat. The feature brings active airconditioning and maintains the cabin temperature to prevent suffocation and heating up under direct sunlight.

The anniversary of Dog Mode commemorates the ingenious suggestion of a user that asked for Tesla to create a software update that keeps the engine on idle and saves batteries while keeping a living creature cool inside. The suggestion was answered by Tesla by 2019's introduction of the feature, which is animal-friendly and assists car owners.

The nifty feature of Tesla is to give car owners the chance to go out more freely, after a day in the veterinary, or help them to keep dogs and other pets inside the vehicle when a location does not allow pets in the vicinity.

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Tesla Dog Mode 2nd Anniversary: Is it Effective?

The popular electric vehicle manufacturer and clean energy company, Tesla, is only recommending this feature for dogs and other animal pets when left inside a vehicle without supervision. In no way, should this feature be used to leave a child or infant behind, as that can result in repercussions and grave consequences for the parent and child.


The Tesla Dog Mode keeps the cabin cool for as long as one needs, as it leaves the electric engine of the vehicle on idle and keeps the airconditioning on at all times. It also leaves out a massive message that says the dog was intentionally left but is provided a car's cabin with adequate cooling, with an accurate and real-time display of the temperature inside.

Moreover, it also conserves the batteries of the electric vehicle as other unnecessary features are turned off, and only the needs of the dogs and other pets remain functional. Tesla users who have been using the feature since its debut in 2019 have reported satisfactory results and that it is ideal and safe, especially when heading out with pets.

Tesla Dog Mode: Can it be Used by Humans?

While the Tesla Dog Mode was specifically made for pets and other animals to be cool and ventilated, the feature can also be used by humans whenever lounging inside the vehicle or waiting for someone else. The Dog Mode is ideal to be used to conserve the charge of one's electric vehicle but still wants to remain cool inside the cabin.

The feature has slightly lower power consumption rates compared to a fully-operating Tesla EV when turned on and ready to drive. However, as mentioned earlier, it should not be used to leave infants and children unsupervised and left in the car. It may be cool for lounging and staying in to avoid the heat, but not as an excuse to neglect responsibilities.

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