YouTube TV New Bundle Lets Users Save $5 for HBO Max, Starz, and Showtime Selling at $64.99 for 85 Live Channels
(Photo : Screenshot From TheRenderQ YouTube) YouTube TV New Bundle Lets Users Save $5 for HBO Max, Starz, and Showtime Selling at $64.99 for 85 Live Channels

For those that are already a YouTube TV subscriber and also prefer to get all of the possible live entertainment as possible in a single app, the said new Entertainment Plus bundle is definitely the right pick. This Thursday, the YouTube TV has just officially confirmed the existence of a brand new bundle. This would reportedly feature subscriptions to Showtime, HBO Max, and Starz for the price of just $29.99 per month. 

YouTube TV bundle

This would be $5 less in comparison to paying for each particular service on its own. This is also the very first time that a bundle like this has popped up from a particular internet TV provider. Reminds anyone of cable TV?

According to the article by BGR, the introduction to this particular bundle is definitely a nice addition for those who are already YouTube TV subscribers. However, this doesn't really quite make up for the particular ballooning price of the said monthly subscription to the particular internet TV service.

YouTube TV price

Back in April 2019, the online YouTube TV actually raised its prices all the way up to $49.99 per month. Last summer, the price reportedly jumped all the way up to $64.99 just after the launch of Comedy Central, CMT, BET, Nickelodeon, TV Land, Paramount Network, VH1, and a few more channels were reportedly added. It was noted that even with the reported $5, the whole Entertainment bundle will reportedly cause the price of the YouTube TV subscription to soar up to quite a sizable $94.99.

It was also previously noted that the YouTube TV has just added a new Sports Plus bundle that would also include FOX College Sports, NFL RedZone, GOLTV, MAVTV Motorsports Network, FOX Soccer Plus, TVG / TVG2, and also Stadium for a whopping $10.99 per month.

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YouTube TV updates

The said Entertainment Plus bundle is now actually YouTube TV's second bundle that has reportedly been announced in the past. On Wednesday, YouTube even shared another blog post noting a number of brand new features as well as initiatives that are coming to its own various apps and platforms.

Users can expect another bundle coming up that will reportedly provide YouTube TV subscribers the ability to be able to watch shows in 4K or even download them in order to watch the shows later on DVR offline. The add-on will reportedly also allow the YouTube TV subscribers to be able to permit subscribers with access to what's noted as "unlimited concurrent streams" in the comforts of their very own homes. This is as opposed to the current limit which is just notably 3 streams at a time. Although the new upgraded prices might seem beefy, the addition might be worth it to maybe those families or those that are sharing the subscription in order to minimize the total costs.

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