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Google understands the hassle of sharing your WiFi password to numerous people, now with Android 12 they made sure that it is easier and faster to do so.

Android 12's new sharing experience is powered by Google's Nearby Share feature, which was launched in 2020 after much anticipation.

The Nearby Share wirelessly discovers other nearby Android devices in use by persons in your contact list who also have the setting enabled.

Android 12 WiFi password share

In order to use the new WiFi sharing option, you can open the settings menu in Android 12 and navigate to the WiFi area. Select the network that you wish to share, according to The Next Web.

From there, select the "Share" icon and you should be able to see a "Nearby" logo below the QR code that the app normally shows. Once you tap the nearby button, you will either be prompted to activate the feature, or the phone will start scanning your general vicinity for available contact.

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Once you have selected a contact, the person on the other device will be prompted to get your shared WiFi network, though the plain text password is not actually displayed for more privacy. As soon as you accept, your phone will connect immediately to the shared network.

Just a reminder, it is not faster to send a QR code or copy and past a message in Telegram. Although it is more secure and futuristic to do so. This new feature can add a little more convenience and give peace of mind.

How to download Android 12

The Android 12 Developer Preview is here but it can be tricky to get. Since Android 12 is meant for developers, it is not an opt-in process like later beta versions will be. However, if you want to take the risk, you can get it, according to Android Police.

The developer site of Google has a host of Android 12-related details, and among them are a pair of download pages for full factory images and sideloadable OTA files. But in the future, installing Android 12 will be fast. Right now the only way to install the preview is by doing it manually with the OTA files.

The OTA images of Google has instructions for the installation process. If you are not familiar with the process, you should consider reviewing a detailed walkthrough for your computer platform before you try it. Installing the software and the drivers needed is easier on some operating systems.

The prerequisites are a computer (macOS, Linux or PC), a supported phone (Pixels 3a series, Pixel 3 series, Pixel 4 series, Pixel 4a series or a Pixel 5), and a known good cable to connect your computer to your supported phone.

Google has made DP1 available with the Android Flash Tool, which makes the whole process very simple and linear, and there are no tools to install. Just fire up the whole site at Android 12 DP1 flash tool, plug it in and follow the instructions. This is a recommended route but you can also install it manually as backup.

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