Parler vs Amazon app suspension
(Photo : Hollie Adams / Stringer) AWS responded to Parler's lawsuit with a series of screenshots.
John Matze
(Photo : John Matze via YouTube)

Parler boasted of the "free internet" social media feature that it has been upholding since its creation and establishment last 2018, but after firing CEO John Matze, it seems to have taken a new turn. It may be the first and only "block" incident in the platform, as the former CEO has revealed that he was blocked off Parler, as he cannot log in to his account.

Parler vs Amazon app suspension
(Photo : Hollie Adams / Stringer)
AWS responded to Parler's lawsuit with a series of screenshots.

The popular alternative to Facebook and Twitter that holds no bounds to its users, Parler, has recently made a comeback on the internet, as it is now riding on an independent server to bring back its former glory. However, before it announced its return, Parler's board has kicked off its founder, John Matze, as the CEO and a seat in the executives.

There were no explanations as to why John Matze was kicked off the platform, but after his removal, the former CEO claimed that he went on hiding because of the grievous death threats on him and his family.

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Parler Blocks John Matze from Signing In on Parler

John Matze
(Photo : John Matze via YouTube)

People were flooding back to the social media platform, after being deprived for almost two months of using its services and being "free" on discussing their respective topics on Parler. The public who have been part and enjoying the social media platform is now back to relieve their moderation-free space where they can observe liberty.

However, according to recent reports and screenshots by Patriot Takes on Twitter (@patriottakes), there was one exception to the rule of the "free internet" website, and that is its former CEO, John Matze. Matze was able to login back to social media and was able to create a post that narrated his frustration about being kicked off.

  After his post, John Matze was blocked off the platform, as he reported on a Telegram Channel that he was unable to log back into the platform and that he knows the architecture and the way the social media works.

John Matze is On and Off Parler

After the initial ban and rant on the Telegram channel, another screenshot of a post was posted by Patriot Takes, and here, it seems that John Matze's Parler privileges are reinstated. The former CEO said in his post that he believes he was temporarily blocked off the platform and that he has not yet received any explanations over the ban.

  John Matze's ban indicates that anyone can be removed from the platform or temporarily be banned from it, as its new management deems so. The new direction of Parler without John Matze would be observing new policies which the social media platform has not yet revealed.

Moreover, it may be so that Parler is doing this to get back its application privileges with Apple and Google, which was originally lost.

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