Tracking equipment developer Manus returns with the first professional tracker for SteamVR, the Manus Pro Tracker, designed especially for Motion Capture, Virtual Production, and full-body Virtual Reality development.

According to its product page, the Manus Pro Tracker was developed specifically to cater to the needs of professional users, upgrading SteamVR based tracking.

Unmatched Accuracy and Battery Life

The Manus Pro Tracker is not only equipped with the most sensors in any SteamVR tracker in existence but also uses the latest sensors for each of its tracking requirements, ensuring the best in class and precision of SteamVR data. With the latest pro tracker, users can work on their motion capture, virtual production, or VR projects with the best accuracy available.

Also, unlike all other trackers currently available on the market, the Manus Pro Tracker offers an interchangeable battery system. Aside from the included batteries that run for four and a half hours in real-world life, its battery pack could be replaced in just a matter of seconds. Additionally, it has an included charger that further reduces downtime, allowing its users to keep on going and stay productive as long as needed.

Weighing only 62 grams, users can enjoy 44 percent less weight compared to other trackers currently available - a critical factor for comfort and stability, especially for extended use. Coming with an integrated universal mountain adapter, users experience a quick and easy attachment of the Manus Pro Tracker with the Manus Prime II Series Motion Capture & Virtual Reality gloves. Adding the optional professional strap-set, work on your next immersive 3D project with greatly improved stability, even for full-body motion capture and VR development. The entire setup is ultimately compatible with Polygon, the full-body inverse kinematics (IK) software, and a key feature of the Manus Core system.

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The Manus Pro Tracker also comes with a USB-C port for easy charging, data transfer, and real-time wired connectivity. It also has a convenient, easy-to-use slider for switching its device pairing on and off.

About Manus

Manus VR was first founded in July 2014, being chosen among thousands of startups all over the world to join the Startup Bootcamp High-Tech XL - Europe's business accelerator for high-tech hardware startups based in Eindhoven, Switzerland. 

Prior to the Manus Pro Tracker, its flagship products are the Manus VR Development Kit, a high-end tracking glove, adding intuitive interaction to VR projects. The Manus VR Development Kit can be easily integrated, revolutionizing training simulations, VR arcades, and motion capture. This VR kit is compatible with industry standards such as HTC Vive, Xsens, Vicon, PhaseSpace, OptiTrack, and more.

Another popular tech from the Netherlands-based is the Polygon kinematics platform. Capable of generating virtual human skeletons of accurate proportions, the Manus Polygon works with different motion capture setups - up to 8 trackers plus VR headset, depending on the application requirements - without the need for a cumbersome full motion capture suit.

Manus Polygon is compatible with SteamVR, allowing users to stream directly into Unity, Unreal Engine, and Motionbuilder IDEs. It also boasts quick compatibility with various software through its FBX recordings.


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