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Amazon is thinking of creating its new gadget, and they are letting their consumers have a say on what it will be. On Feb. 17, the tech giant introduced a new program called Build It.

Amazon Built It program

The Built It program is where Amazon will present different concepts for devices and leave them to the consumers to choose whether they want to built the device by preordering it. So it is in a form of voting in some way, according to CNET.

When a specific concept has reached a preorder goal in 30 days, Amazon will then create the device and the consumers will receive it at a special price. If it does achieve the goal, the product won't get built and the shoppers won't be charged for the preorder of the item.

The gadgets

Amazon has three gadgets that they presented to the consumers, according to CNBC.

First is the smart sticky note printer. It supports Alexa and it allows users to print out sticky notes like shopping lists using just their voice if you own an Echo device.

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Consumers can also print other items like their to-do lists or even puzzles. The printer uses thermal technology instead of ink or instead of a toner and it costs around $89.99.

This gadget is perfect for those who are reliant on reminders. The voice-to-print technology is easy to use and it does not consume other materials aside from paper rolls that you will need to refill.

The second gadget is the smart nutrition scale. It also supports Alexa and it offers information on food and ingredients based on your weight. So if you have the Echo Show, you can pair them up to see the nutritional information. This gadget costs around $34.99.

With this gadget, you can ask Alexa about the calories, sugar level, fat and other information about the food that you eat. It is the most complex gadget concept in the lineup but it is the cheapest.

The third gadget is the smart cuckoo clock. It has 60 LEDs, speakers for timers and for alarms and it also has a mechanical bird that pops out every hour or whenever you choose.

Consumers can also schedule the clock to mute the sound and to motion it at certain times. The users can remove the pendulum and place it on a shelf or they can hang it on a wall. It costs around $79.99.

The special prices of these gadgets are available until March 19, and Amazon says that they are planning to release more ideas for concepts of the gadgets, according to Daily Express.

Build It is a part of Amazon's Day 1 Editions program, which provides it consumers early access to products so that they can pitch in some ideas and feedback. One of the most recent products that were released through Day 1 was smart glasses named Echo Frames.

In 2007, Amazon introduced Kindle, and since then they had created a lineup of very popular and useful entertainment devices and gadgets, including its Echo smart speakers and its series of Fire TV and table devices.

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