Zorroa Boon AI: No-Code Machine Learning Now Open for Media Use
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/Zorroa) Zorroa launched Boon AI, a no-code machine learning for media-driven groups.

Zorroa unveiled the launch of Boon AI, a machine-learning platform that requires no coding. The no-code ML is now accessible for its specific target, the media-driven groups where the cost of adopting ML is now reduced.

The Purpose of Boon AI

Since the time of technological adoption, venturing a business has become more costly through numerous evaluations and optimization of machine learning. However, the new Boon platform now enables the media to incorporate ML into their digital work scheme.

From development cycles that could last for months, the no-code machine learning now decreased the usual cycle to an hour. Data science was a complex part of this system, but now the outlets of the revenue were aided through the help of this platform.

Furthermore, Boon also focuses on the automation of workflows in connection to the revenue streams. The ML SaaS platform now uncovered the API system featuring a point-and-click interface for the users. It is now accessible through the Google Cloud Marketplace.

According to Google's Media and Entertainment Partnerships Global Head, Kip Schauer, working with Zorroa brings excitement because the collaboration of Boon AI is now open on Google Cloud.

"With just a few clicks, customers can deploy Boon AI on the Google Cloud Marketplace to help break down the machine learning adoption barrier and enable workflow efficiencies and new revenue streams," Schauer said in a report by  AIthority.

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How Boon AI Helps the Media Supply Chain?

The same source stated that first, the platform lets the workflow through its no-coding feature. On the part of the customers, projects related to machine learning can now be erected without the need to build a machine-learning domain, and other vendor integrations, so you can save more time upon using it.

Moreover, customers can now utilize machine learning services like Google Cloud, Azure ML APIs, and AWS because it provides interoperability across many vendors. Besides that, the media can now absorb metadata generated by machine learning without any interruption of workflows.

In addition, Boon AI focuses on removing excess time so more cycles will be carried out by the media technologists. Before, it will take some period for the ML applications to work using the traditional development of software. Now, it would take under an hour, TV Technology reported.

According to Zorroa President and CEO, Marc Stevens, the company has been active in providing its customers the ease of access to media. However, this requires a considerable level of engineering to be done, and it never worked before.

Stevens added that machine-learning innovations are now made open so that customers can now use the resources to their maximum level using Boon AI.

The CEO continued that media technologists can now hasten to create projects given that they have lower risks. It will also make the work faster than before so the development is proven to be more efficient.

Zorroa is supported by Google's AI-driven venture, Gradient Ventures, which is known to be one of the leading companies when it comes to machine learning using API. The company continuously helps the adoption of ML to be more reachable to everyone since its launch in 2014.

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