Capacity, the company behind the latest AI-driven helpdesk, has announced the increase in its workforce - hiring 14 more team members in its engineering and AI departments.

In a press release from the company, Capacity explains that the additional employees - corresponding to a 60% increase from its previous AI/ Engineering headcount- are necessary to support the next phase of the company's growth. 

"Our engineering and AI team brings our visions to life by building robust features that fuel the modern workforce," says Capacity CEO David Karandish. "By adding additional developers and engineers to the team, we're focused on innovative solutions that improve customer productivity and reshape the future of work with AI and automation."

Empowering Employees and Customers

Capacity builds its game-changing helpdesk by encouraging both its employees and customers to find the information they need and set the workflows they need independently. The Capacity platform does this through the artificial intelligence (AI) driven helpdesk, powered by natural language processing (NLP) algorithms. The company is now has a growing customer base, including several verticals such as those in the industries of finance, human resources, healthcare, and education. Among the Capacity, clients are brands like Amerisave, ALAW, EXL, West Community Credit Union, Maryville University, and more. Capacity is becoming the go-to solution for these brands mainly because of its innovative AI solutions, machine learning, cloud drive, as well as its helpdesk, chatbots, and workflow services.

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In essence, Capacity runs through the client's knowledge base in order to respond to inquiries - either those of the employee or the user's clients - through a chatbot interface. Out of all these inquiries, more than 84% of them can be answered without human involvement. In the event Capacity could not answer the inquiry by itself, it then runs a procedure to escalate the inquiry to the appropriate internal team member who could provide further assistance, with the escalation transmitted through a ticket or a live chat. Furthermore, the response to this human-assisted inquiry is later added to the knowledge base. With this cycle, Capacity improves automated support, which in turn helps team productivity and improves customer experience.

"Building a productive workplace requires staying relevant and ahead of the curve on tech innovation and offerings," shares Tal Barak-Manela, Capacity's Director of Engineering. "We've placed a tremendous amount of emphasis and resources into the growth of our software and we're anticipating a talented team to work alongside us for a record year ahead."

About Capacity

Capacity is the latest AI-powered helpdesk that aims to automate support for both employees and customers. Using NLP, it runs through the client's organizational knowledge bases and information on business processes and decisions to help provide real-time feedback to inquiries. Founded in 2017 by David Karandish and Chris Sims, the tech startup is a part of the Equity incubator.

Capacity is still looking for qualified and talented individuals to further boost its team as of press time. Positions available are fully remote and open to professionals across the United States. For more information, visit


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