For Pokemon fans out there, the whole franchise is going to get a lot bigger with the addition of a brand new platform for a popular Pokemon game to be played in. Basically, fans are going to be getting to be getting the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on the Nintendo Switch!

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Nintendo Switch release date

This remake was announced by the Pokemon Company just today during the recent special Pokemon Presents broadcast. The said Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is expected to launch some time late 2021.

.The original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl game previously launched back in 2006 for the known Nintendo DS. The game reportedly introduced the known Sinnoh region which is basically the home of certain pokemon like Luxio, Bidoof, Drifloon, and even Arceus. The said updated versions will have sort of a cute and chibi-like look which will still reportedly be "faithful remakes" of the original games.

A new trailer that was released alongside the current news teases some familiar locations as well as faces in a certain Switch version. It also reportedly comes with some quality of life upgrades.

The known Pokemon Home developer known as Ilca is said to be working alongside the longtime Game Freak director known as Junichi Masuda.

Pokemon 25 year anniversary

According to the article by The Verge, there have reportedly been a number of rumors regarding the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes circulating the web for a number of weeks now.

This year would actually mark a significant 15 years since the game was released and also Pokemon's overall 25 years of existence.

The company has reportedly been celebrating with some really flashy virtual concerts that feature the likes of Post Malone and Katy Perry.

The surprise might not even be over as the company might even have a few more tricks up their sleeves. The company once again announced another open-world RPG known as the Pokemon Legends: Arceus that was released for the Nintendo Switch today.

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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remastered

An article by CNet also noted how the announcement took viewers by surprise as the Pokemon fans were given a brand new remake of one of the more classic Pokemon games.

While Pokemon Go strays away from the classic way of playing Pokemon, which can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time, gamers will be pleased to see that the old classical format of playing the game will be remastered for the Nintendo Switch.

Although Pokemon Diamond and Pearl takes players back to the classical way of playing the game, with most remakes, players will be experiencing the original gameplay that is better optimized for the way that people play the game today.

Aside from the graphics itself, it still remains to be seen as to just what changes will the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will be rolling out for players.

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