Nintendo Will No Longer Accept 3DS,3DS XL Repair Request, To Close 3D eShop Next Month
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/Scott's Stash) Nintendo will not accept pending repairs on 3DS and 3DS XL next month.

It's been 10 years since Nintendo released the 3DS console in Japan on February 26. Its pen-and-touch dual screen was one of the most advanced displays at the time among handheld gaming consoles.

When the Nintendo Switch entered the market, the popularity of the 3DS declined. Support features remained outdated as players shifted to a newer console.

Now, the company plans to close all 3d eShops involving the original console and its XL version next month. What really happened?

Why Nintendo Will Close 3D eShop in March?

For a gamer whose very first Nintendo console is a 3DS, this was tough news to encounter. The Japanese video game company will now part ways with the repair request of 3DS models next month.

It was followed by the sudden death of the console last year as fans claimed, according to a report by The Gamer in July. Since no games were released in 2020, this prompted Nintendo to also halt the hardware production of the 3DS in September of the same year.

"Due to the difficulty in securing the necessary parts for repair, we will no longer be able to accept repair requests for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL as of March 31, 2021," Nintendo said in Japanese, in the company's official statement in its page.

If you have a similar console that you want to send to Nintendo for a repair, it is still possible that it will not be fixed since the parts needed for the process were low in supply.

As a result, console users of the said gadget were worried because even the Nintendo 3D eShop will be affected. The important features will also be carried away, so there will be much more limited access to its services starting next month.

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Will the Change Still Support the Existing 3DS Services?

According to Explica, Nintendo said that the online services for the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo Network will still remain untouched for now. The company guaranteed that the players will not encounter any problems in accessing the online modes of 3DS games.

While it is a big relief for the 3DS gamers, this reality will shrink soon. There will be a time when the company nears the verge of withdrawing the Nintendo 3DS supports, which also has the same environment as the Nintendo Wii U.

People's Comments About Nintendo's Discontinued Production of Nintendo 3DS?

In a discussion forum on Quora, a user said that the company chose the option because many players are complaining that playing in 3DS hurt their eyes while others voiced out that the console no longer supported stereo 3D. 

The person continued that right now, Nintendo is fully invested in Switch, that's why it now became its flagship product at the moment. This is because the 2DS system is much more affordable than those that are powered by the 3DS system.

Another user spoke that the Nintendo 3DS is already outdated, and Nintendo Switch is much better in every way. But, he added that the fallout of 3DS was because of Switch's popularity. The commenter continued that there will come a day that there will be a new console that will take over the Switch as it did to the 3DS.

To relive the very first moment of Nintendo 3DS, let's take a look again at its promo trailer in 2010. 

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