"Call of Duty" reveals "Warzone's" Outbreak, featuring your own zombie apocalypse.

After a few seasons of battle royale and ruthless PVP gaming, a chance to compete against a horde of rotting undead is exactly what you need for a refreshing break.

An objective-based event featuring survivability and extermination--only one faction would survive, and by the end of the mission, you get to loot commemorative edition gear that can help boost your stats for the next round.Sorry, but none of that is happening.

"Warzone's" zombies are finally here, but there's barely enough to get by."Call of Duty" developers thought it was a great idea to spawn all 40 zombies in a single location, but there are about 150 plus other players hunting the same horde of undead as you are. 

Nevermind seeing a zombie. Good luck surviving another chaotic battle royale. 

Assuming you survive the free-for-all, the zombies themselves are useless cannon fodder. They do not have special skills to be challenging monsters, and they do not swarm in large numbers to overwhelm you in a fight. Even if you clear the 'Warzone' shipwreck, the best rewards you could obtain are a single loot crate and some okay gear, as per PCGamer, Hardly an exciting achievement.

The good news is there is some potential for future updates. The storyline revealed zombie measuring machines scattered throughout the map, possibly creating new zombie spawn points.

Better loot drops for the gamers would also help sell the game event better.

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"Call of Duty: Warzone" Outbreak was supposed to be played for the fun of blowing zombies' brains, upgrading cool weapons, and rolling the dice for a lucky shot on random loot. It was supposed to be enjoyed via co-op with friends and running around exploring the ruined remains of civilization, but as per reviews, it didn't offer significant changes to the gameplay.

"Warzone" still has a lot of potential for gamers to enjoy themselves. Perhaps the mid-season updates would give us that hope. For now, upgrading the zombies by increasing their number and spreading them across the map will surely bring development.

'Call of Duty' Free Access Week

You can also try the exclusive "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" that launched on Feb. 25 and will be available until Mar. 4. This is the call for Operators to join the Season Two fight against the Outbreak experience for free as the game launches its Free Access Week. They will be releasing new maps, modes, weapons, and events for season two.

This stage is set for the zombie experience in the Ural Mountains. Create your team to explore these landscapes, find hidden loot chests, hordes of zombies, and even new enemies. Your squad will work together in the name of Operation Threshold to press onward in the Dark Aether portal for the next adventure.

Considering the popularity of the game "Call of Duty," an open-world zombie fix could be possible. The "Cold War" Outbreak has a better balance between the warzone arenas and "Black Ops" Zombies. Given this exclusive edition's success, maybe "Warzone" still has a better chance to improve.

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