Famous retailer Best Buy has now launched its own app called Best Buy Health. The health app is ready to use on Apple Watch, and it makes it easier for older adults to request assistance in case of an emergency.

Best Buy Health on Apple Watch

The retail chain's new app service wants to make it easier and safer for senior citizens to live independently in their homes through the platforms created and designed for car, transportation and telehealth assistance, and emergency services.

To get the Best Buy Health app, Apple Watch users must download the Lively App and subscribe to the Lively Health and Safety Services to use the Best Buy Health features on their Apple Watch. The Lively Health and Safety plans start at $19.99 a month.

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Best Buy is also offering a sweet deal. Users who commit to a two-year Preferred Health and Safety contract can get $200 off the purchase of a new Apple Watch Series 6. The customers can also get up to $150 off the purchase of a new Apple Watch SE if they buy the device at a Best Buy store.

How Best Buy Health works

The app's services connect users to Best Buy Health agents who can assist them with emergency and non-emergency situations. Users can also add the "Urgent Response" button to the Apple Watch face in order to save time and prevent confusion.

GreatCall is another great feature that lets friends and family members know if the user contacts an Urgent Response agent, and it can help them keep track of the user's location.

David Inns, the president of Best Buy Health's active aging posted in a Best Buy blog post that by offering these safety features on Apple Watch, they are creating a new way to get a greater sense of connection and independence for older adults, and it can add peace of mind for them and their families.

Users can also use the Best Buy telehealth platform's Urgent Care feature with the Lively app, which then allows the user to talk to a registered virtual nurse or doctor without having to schedule an appointment.

The service is available 24/7, and Apple Watch owners who subscribe to a Lively plan do not need an insurance plan, and they don't need to co-pay to access the service, according to 9to5Mac.

Best Buy also plans to release its Live Agent Assist, although there is no release date yet. That feature can detect a hard fall through the Apple Watch's own software and connects users to a live agent through a phone who will then check in on the user and ask if they need to contact a family member.

The services are tied to fall-detection features that are available in Apple Watch Series 4 and future Series. If a user wears one of the watches after they suffer an accident, the watch taps the wrist and will ask if the user is okay.

If the watch detects any movement, it asks whether emergency services need to be called. If the user is immobile, the watch does it automatically, according to ZDNet.

During the product setup, users can request if a family member or if a friend can be notified in the event of an accident. Users need a Series 4 watch or they would need a newer one to use the Lively app.

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