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(Photo : Genshin Impact / Facebook) Here are every item Hu Tao will need.

A lot is going on in "Genshin Impact" in the past few days: from the release of the Moment of Bloom banner featuring Hu Tao and to an exciting new Livestream lined up.

Fans of the "Genshin Impact" have many to look forward to. The Livestream will be showcasing the various aspects of the 1.4 update. Simultaneously, the MMORPG is also offering some rewards to the players in the form of game codes. 

Besides that, "Genshin Impact" dataminers also unravel some exciting new information about a brand new 5-star cryo claymore use named Eula.

5-star Cryo Claymore User Eula

According to Clutch Points, dataminers have come across a brand new character, never-before-seen even in beta. The character named Eula appeared in the data mined in "Genshin Impact" and appears to be a cryo claymore user and will be built as a physical DPS.

"Genshin Impact" players usually prefer to use claymore users as their primary damage-dealers in their party. With that said, game players would follow this trend as Eula will be a claymore user. So far, the game has only one claymore user, Chongyun.

While Chongyun's stats are mid-tier, he has paired well with other characters thanks to his element and weapon pairing. There is no news yet whether Eula will differ from Chongyun, but there will definitely be similarities.

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Meanwhile, Dualshockers reports that Shenhe might be a claymore user also. The publication suggests two possibilities Shenhe maybe a cryo user in the future of "Genshin Impact": first, she might be a claymore user but will now be a cryo DPS or support.

The other possibility Shenhe might be a claymore user in "Genshin Impact" is that she is changed to a polearm or catalyst user. However, considering there are too many polearm users, it suggests that the possibility of a catalyst is higher.

Shenha was leaked last year, and she was speculated to be a cryo claymore user. The leak suggests that might change, and fans are already eagerly looking forward to Shenhe being a cryo catalyst since there are quite a few polearms already in "Genshin Impact."

Besides that, it is speculated that these might come in the "Genshin Impact" 1.4 patch. However, unlike other leaks, this come from dataminers so there is a bit more credibility around this one.

'Genshin Impact' Patch 1.4 Release

Developers miHoYo has now confirmed that the upcoming "Genshin Impact" 1.4 Livestream will be available to watch for Western audiences on Saturday, March 6.

This will cover the latest news regarding the game's next big update, with miHoYo informing fans on Friday: "Today, Paimon brings you great news! The Special Program for "Genshin Impact" version 1.4 will be officially released on March 6 at 11:00 (UTC-5)! The Special Program will be hosted on our official Youtube Channel. (ExpressUK reports)

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