Technology start-ups are a phenomenon that is changing our way of life, with a high representation of companies from various sectors founded by young entrepreneurs. Today we are here with Massimiliano (known as Massi) Squillace, CEO & Founder of the marketing technology company Contents, who was able to disrupt the world of data technology and content creation.  According to many, Contents will be the next unicorn in this booming industry. Keep an eye out for Contents. 

Will we have a new unicorn in the content industry? Interview with Massi Squillace, CEO of
(Photo : Massi Squillace)


Hello Massimiliano, why are you a serial entrepreneur? What do you like about your job?

Because I am never satisfied, and I am lucky to love what I do. I have always followed my instincts, numbers, and, if necessary, I have done mad things. At night I would like to fall asleep knowing, if I can, that, thanks to my work, something that I have done may also change the world.

What have been your successful companies?

During my first year of university, I founded my first startup which three years later would become my first sale. I have 5 exits behind me as founder, one of which was in the world of digital publishing: Nano Publishing which was sold to Excite. I have always been a promoter of various ventures related to the world of startups and to date I have invested in over 50 companies.

I also like to write about my work, and I published 'Successful Startups' in 2014.

After a sabbatical where I was only an investor after my previous exit, I realized that I enjoyed being an entrepreneur more than a retired investor, working with the team in the office make me happy.

Today I am the founder of Contents, an AI-based platform for creating multilingual content and analyzing trends.

What is innovation for you?

Today we truly understand how every innovation is only a step on the path that leads to change: a path that must consider the environment, those who ask for answers for a better world, those who need fair access to technology for everyone. Innovation is first of all desire for change, I cannot imagine a world that is stationary or static. That is why, whenever I embark on a new venture, whatever it may be, I will always ask myself if it will really add something new.

Why is your company innovative?

Our vision focuses on scalability and facilitating access to data and information for everyone, at the right price. The Contents platform is designed in a simple and intuitive way, the technology must be accessible to everyone: the data allows us to discover trends and generate relevant contents thanks to machine learning. We offer the possibility of having a series of tools and services all on a single platform, which facilitates the work of any business.

How is the company structured?

Contents operates through two business lines: is the business unit that develops the technological platform and makes it available in SaaS mode for client companies and Contents Media the business unit that uses proprietary technology to produce and enhance innovative online publishing projects. The company currently employs a team of 55 employees, and we are based in London, Milan, Paris, Madrid and Las Vegas.

With the launch of you have become a global media player. How did you come to this choice? Why the Z in

Everything stems from the need to give a voice to a generation that is often not listened to and understood. The generation we are addressing is generation Z, the so-called digital native consumers of endless bits of information circulating on the net via their smartphone with a simple click. The world of news is constantly changing- it is our duty to understand change and adapt. Our goal is to use news to engage our readers in a dynamic and interactive way.

I have always tried to think outside the box and thus far our technology has allowed us to reach different goals, but not our destination. People do not remember what you said or did but how you made them feel. For this will speak to the generation that is building the future of this planet. Our goal is to be inclusive, to fight against climate change and to encourage social responsibility. Newz readers are born with these values. You cannot create a good economy with bad ethics. I am extremely happy to open business in New York, thanks to technology and the extraordinary talent of our team.

What impact does your company have?

The impact is precisely this: to do something innovative and to be able to measure the efficiency of new technologies. The algorithm is just the beginning: Contents will become the easiest way to access data and trends. The Newz project opens several doors and we will reach a global audience. Let us communicate with the people who will decide the future of this planet. Our forecasts point to around 20 million followers across all 12 social media platforms within months and 2 million US readers per day within the next 6 months. We at Contents are changing the world with technology, continuing to push forward, and we do not intend to stop.

Many call Contents the next unicorn in this industry. What's your IPO or exit vision?

My vision is to create the best possible experience for my users, grow and become indispensable. We will think about IPO or exit strategies at some point but today the focus is our product and our impact on a boom industry that needs innovation.

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