EA Games is Now Investigating Employees that Allegedly Privately Sell Lucrative Items
(Photo : Screenshot From EA SPORTS FIFA YouTube) EA Games is Now Investigating Employees that Allegedly Privately Sell Lucrative Items

EA reportedly makes a chunk of its FIFA moeny from the game's popular Ultimate Team mode. This is where fans will be able to spend their real money in the attempt to be able to unlock some elite players. As of today, allegations have popped up noting the lucrative items could have been sold privately to users by certain employees coming from inside EA Sports.

EA launches investigation

According to an article by Kotaku, the hashtag #EAGATE has been used in order to lodge certain complaints that are being made noting that a certain someone coming from indside EA has actually been sellin in-game specials.

It was said that the inside person has allegedly been selling FIFA's Prime Icon Moment players in order to get a huge amount of cash even amounting to $1190 for two players.

This is definitely a lot of money. However, there are actually a few gamers that really do take FIFA very seriously and are willing to spend thousands of dollars on the Ultimate Team packs in order to try and unlock the elite players.

This would then mean that going around and cutting the random factor might actually be beneficial for these players since they won't have to rely on chance in order to get elite players.

Complaints from FIFA community

When the initial complaints first launched, it was quite hard to tell which of these were legitimate and which were just noise. This is also the type of noise that the FIFA community could have been trying to generate when it comes to the really uneasy relationship that they have with the developer EA Sports.

EA had then acknowledged the allegations, however, and stated that they are going to conduct a thorough investigation towards the particular "improper conduct." The company has also promised to execute swift action when they finally get to the bottom of the matter.

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EA 'pay to win'

EA also made it very clear that that particular type of behaviour is still unacceptable for them and that they do not, in any way, condone what was "alleged to have happened" in the situation. EA then announces that they understand how this particular issue would create concerns regarding the unfair balance within the game and the competition.

Even on Answers.EA.com, there are circulating allegations noting the game developer being very money-focused to a point that is no longer pleasing to the gamers.

One particular complaint was that the longer the gamer would play a particular game from EA, it would then turn into a "pay to win" type of game which would mean that in order to succeed with a significant advantage, players can easily pay. The problem with this approach is that the game will be more of a "how much can you pay" instead of a "how good can you play."

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