The Tesla Inc Cybertruck is coming in sometime in Q2, according to a Tweet by Elon Musk. This car's concept has already been released last November 2019, and the Cybertruck remains to be one of the most anticipated vehicles releasing soon.

The truck fully incorporates a science-fiction design. Remaining paint-less, it has a crisp angular body with sleek edges unique in today's market.

Camper Style
(Photo : Tesla Webpage via Screenshot)

Updates about the Cybertruck

On March 11, 2021, Elon Musk says "Yes" to a Tweet question, "Can I plug my tiny house into the Cybertruck to power it?" by Mick Tezla.

Previously, Musk had asked on his Twitter what features fans would like to see on the final Cybertruck. Comments poured in, including suggestions about the inclusion of a 240v outlet to run heavy-duty tools, charge another EV, electrical reservation for large houses, or even completely power a tiny house.

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Features About the Cybertruck

The Cybertruck was built for maximum performance while featuring high-class armor security. The steel exoskeleton is bulletproof for up to 9mm ammo with armored glass. The overall appearance of the car gives it a futuristic appearance.

The Cybertruck has up to 500 miles range capacity with zero emissions at the tailpipe. Powered by electricity, the car is eco-friendly.

The truck also has 14000 pounds towing capacity. This gives the Tesla Cybertruck the capacity to tow different sizes or weights of campers and trailers.

Some comments online shared concepts of how the 100 cubic feet camper can house a large battery pack for electricity. A housed electric cell would give a bigger utility for the Cybertruck. Combined with a solar battery system, the self-sustainable Cybertruck can easily go off-grid.

However, Elon Musk's answer on Twitter would suggest that the Cybertruck itself has some bidirectional charging capacity.

Musk has previously mentioned that Tesla is also planning "a sick attachment for the Cybertruck" along with the following image released. Tesla has already unveiled a camper configuration for the Cybertruck without a trailer. Both concepts feature a mobile home system electrically powered by the Tesla Cybertruck.

Recently, this model was compared to Canoo truck. When it comes to size, the new Canoo truck is one inch taller than the Tesla Cybertruck but almost the same power. 

Elon Musk Says
(Photo : Tesla Webpage via Screenshot)
Gonna have some sick attachments

Tesla Cybertruck also offers the option of installing it with a solar roof. With the Cybertuck having a lot of surface material, enough solar panels installed might be enough to power the Cybertruck itself. Solar power also recharges the concept idea of any campers or trailers installed.

This makes it one powerful unit at an affordable price. The potential of the Cybertruck is limitless.

We still have more to look forward to in the coming months. With enough time left before the market release, concepts and adjustments for the Tesla Cybertruck are open in most social media accounts.

Tesla Cybertruck is aimed to being manufactured at Tesla's unfinished Gigafactory Textas. Unfortunately, the factory remains incomplete. However, images from the internet show that the factory underway is developing at rapid progress. 

Tesla announces that an initial batch is expected to be released sometime in 2021. Around 2022 will be a bigger rollout for the completion of Tesla Cybertruck.

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