More than finding eggs and chocolate this coming Easter, Deezer is offering a special deal. In some territories, it will be staying for good. 

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Three Free Months of Music and Content

Subscribers can now enjoy unlimited and free access to music and podcasts - through Deezer Premium, Family, and Hifi plans - when they sign up with a valid payment option. This Easter offer saves users $30 on a Premium account and $45 on a Family or HiFi account.

Even after Easter, this three-month free price offer will be permanent for Premium and Family subscriptions in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Premium will remain permanent in the United States, Canada, Colombia, and Turkey. Additionally, the three-month free price will also remain for the US, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany.

For other countries, the free price offer for Premium, Family, and Hifi will be a limited-time offer until April 30. To see what offers are available in different locations, subscribers can check the Deezer Offers webpage.

Deezer Premium offers ad-free access to the massive Deezer library of more than 73 million songs, podcasts, and live radio channels with additional features such as curated playlists, Deezer Flow - which creates a personalized soundtrack from favorites and recommendations built from your searches and favorites on the platform - offline listening, SongCatcher music identification services, and sing-along lyrics.

Deezer Family offers all the Premium plan benefits up to six different profiles, allowing access for up to 13 connected devices - from mobile phones and personal computers to smart TVs and virtual AI assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Subscribers can also create 'kids' profiles or join in the "Family Mix," where all connected accounts can add songs all in one playlist.

With Deezer HiFi, subscribers can enjoy all Premium benefits with 70 million tracks in lossless FLAC format. Additionally, users of this plan can access the "360 by Deezer" app - spatialized sound with Sony's 360 Reality Audio technology.

About Deezer

Originally founded in August 2008, the French music streaming service Deezer has its headquarters in Paris, with additional offices worldwide, including those in São Paulo, Berlin, London, Miami, Dubai, and more. It offers music from the three major record labels, including Warner Music Group, also owned by Deezer's parent company, Access Industries.

Deezer currently serves 16 million monthly active users from more than 180 countries worldwide around the globe, with its massive library of more than 73 million tracks. Additionally, Deezer boasts one of the largest music catalogs in high fidelity (HiFi), with 70 million songs in the high-quality format or about 97 percent of its entire catalog.

It also offers innovative features for audiophiles, such as the Deezer Flow, designed to improve user experience by curating the user's favorite tracks to create a mix of preferred tracks and music recommendations in an ever-updating playlist. Using an intuitive, proprietary algorithm, Flow lets you listen to your favorite music while discovering new tracks.


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