Tesla Hiring For Top Roles at German Factory, Paying Up to $360,000
(Photo : Screenshot From the_wolfpack_berlin YouTube) Tesla Hiring For Top Roles at German Factory, Paying Up to $360,000

As the main construction of Tesla's Gigafactory continues in Grunheide, Germany, the plant is now actually receiving billions of dollars of funding coming from the German government! With the progress of the Gigafactory nearing completion, the production of the upcoming Tesla Model Y series is now scheduled to start as early as June.

Tesla job opportunities

There are still many positions, however, that still remain unfilled and Tesla is reportedly struggling to hire some new talent as reported by Handelsblatt. Their report actually states that it was estimated that half of Tesla's total advertisements actually come from last year.

For a number of positions, Tesla requires years of professional experience and out of the 350 vacancies, a number of them come from battery cell production and in manufacturing.

It was reportedly positioned in the said "25 Guns," a certain select group of engineers that associated directly with Elon Musk himself, has not yet been filled. Elon Musk then notes that the Gigafactory is expected to be the world's biggest battery cell factory. Tesla, however, has not yet been able to obtain the needed permission from the authorities.

Tesla is looking for professionals

Handelsblatt reportedly states that one of the senior positions in the whole battery cell production field has yet to be filled. The positions were reportedly advertised ever since November and the role reportedly requires 15 years of experience and experts now estimate that it would even come with a shopping salary of $357,000 while excluding the bonus payments.

A lot of the positions within the chemical battery production have also been advertised and this includes the management of the whole battery module production as well as the maintenance of battery cell production. Handelsblatt experts reportedly suggest a proposed salary that is between $148,000 and $238,000. In Germany, these particularly skilled workers for the whole battery cell production are said to be extremely rare.

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Tesla new to German job market

According to the story by Business Insider, up until now, the really urgently needed battery cells have still been manufactured primarily among other Asian countries. Jorg Speikamp coming from the QRC consultant association noted to Handelsblatt that in the whole field of battery manufacturing for the said lithium-ion technology, they will still find maybe virtually no one within Germany alone.

Volkswagen is also reportedly planning a new battery cell plant in Salzgitter along with its partners Opel for building the said factory in Kaiserslautern, as well as Chinese suppliers that are setting up production facilities in Saarland and even Erfurt. In order to score some points, Tesla reportedly has to make the whole job offer really palatable and attractive.

Elon Musk's company is still very much a newcomer in the whole German job market so it is still relatively unknown on the whole German circuit. The headhunter Ines Thoron told the Handelsblatt that this fact would lead to even fewer people feeling addressed.


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