Get Paid $100/Hour for 24 Hours to Give Up All Technology: Here's How
(Photo : Screenshot From Pexels Official Website) Get Paid $100/Hour for 24 Hours to Give Up All Technology: Here's How

For those that aren't too keen about using technology anyway, there is now a way to make a significant amount of money by simply giving up all forms of technology for a full 24 hours. The amazing thing about this challenge is that it pays a massive $100/hour but participants would have to participate for 24 hours. This would mean participants would be able to get as high as $2,400!

Digital Detox Challenge 2021

According to the article by Fox13now, for those that don't mind taking part of this challenge, is reportedly looking for someone to take up the said Digital Detox Challenge and reportedly give up every single piece of technology for a whole day. While this might seem like an easy challenge, it can actually be a bit complicated.

The obvious restrictions would include participants staying clear of their cell phones, their tablets, their laptops, and basically anything that would be considered technology. If the challenger will be able to accomplish the 24 hours without having logged in to any device, strolling, posting, and swiping, they will be able to win up to $2,400.

Will all participants get $2,400?

To clarify things, the article does not technically say that everyone that applies will be able to participate in the said Digital Detox Challenge. Only a selected few will be considered the final candidates and will be able to get the $2,400 upon completion so there's really no harm in trying to join the challenge.

For those that really don't mind and have nothing to lose and are also on the lookout for a digital detox, the Digital Detox Challenge could be a perfect way to not only detox but also potentially make money. actually provides a clearer explanation as to what the challenge really is. Challengers that are selected will reportedly be getting a couple of things for them to participate in the particular challenge according to the website.

Digital Detox Challenge participants will get:

  • Official title of the "2021 Digital Detox Challenger" in the United States
  • $2,400 when the challenge is completed
  • A peaceful day without bad internet memes, doomscrolling, or even zoom fatigue
  • A safe for them to store their tech in for the full 24 hours
  • A $200 Amazon gift card for putting together a sort of tech-less survival kit.

While there are recommended items to be included in the whole tech-less survival kit, participants can still opt to customize them how they seem fit. Of course, this completely depends on what the participant would want to prioritize in a somewhat tech-less world.

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Applications are still currently open from now all the way to 5 PM MST or 7 PM (GMT-4) this coming March 26, 2021. The final list of detox challengers will then be announced on March 29 on the hosts official YouTube channel.

It was also noted that participants will have to subscribe to the channel as well and the audience should also subscribe to see how the challenge rolls out.

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