The video game "Final Fantasy 14" gets confirmation on its release date, as well as the teased contents of the MMORPG's upcoming Patch 5.5.

Patch 5.5 will lay the groundwork for the upcoming Endwalker expansion. It has been revealed to be titled Death Unto Dawn, which promises extra main storylines, a new trial, and the highly-anticipated return of a very popular raid. 

'Final Fantasy' 14 update

Death Unto Dawn is now confirmed to be launched on Apr. 13. This will officially set the end date for the current Moogle Treasure Trove event, which has seen game players re-running old content in order to get tokens for event-exclusive rewards.

The new wave of content features some of the returning favorites, such as the "NieR: Automata" crossover raid, YoRHA: Dark Apocalypse. 

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According to Tech Radar, fans of "Final Fantasy 14" can also expect the promised inclusion of the new Main Scenario quests, likely laying the foundation for Endwalker's story.

The next step in the video game's story is the largest since 2019's Shadowbringers expansion and will be adding more content to the "Final Fantasy 14's" storyline.

Game players who are invested in "Final Fantasy 14's" replayable co-op content are getting something new as well, with Dungeon and Trial to partake in. For the top tier of players, a new raid is getting an Unreal difficulty mode, but that is yet to be confirmed.

Free Companies, the game's guild system, will be thrilled to see the upcoming rewards for their work with an update to the Ishgardian Restoration, which will then be adding more unique land plots for affluent guilds to purchase and develop.

The less combative characters are getting more crafting quests and more social accessories like non-combat minions, emotes, and mounts, as noted by Siliconera.

'Final Fantasy' 14 beta period

According to the game's official Twitter account, fans will also be able to see "Final Fantasy 14" start its beta period on the PS5 console on Apr. 13, which is the game's first foray onto the new generation console, 

The beta period will be exclusive to Sony's console, with no announced plans for other platforms. "Final Fantasy 14" director has shut down any hopes for an Xbox port, cutting any beliefs that Xbox's Phil Spencer sets out that the video game will eventually make its way to Microsoft's console.

Game players who want to try the game out in advance after the expansion could benefit from the game's free trial mode. The developers expanded the trial in 2020 to include the game's oldest expansion Heavensward.

While players won't be able to get into the latter content, it will still allow them to reach a new level to experience the majority of the base game.

The update comes after Square Enix has enacted a ban wave in the game, primarily targeting real-money traders. These bot accounts can have a negative impact on the game economy and Square Enix's real-life profit margins. It shows that Square Enix is keeping an eye on the game's longevity.

"Final Fantasy 14" is out now on PS3, PS4, and PC, with a beta launching on PS5 set on Apr. 13.

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