FaZe Clan has signed a new set of players for their official entry to "Rocket League" competitions, giving "The Peeps" a chance to be professional players and a shot at the prestigious computer football game title. This is the first official entry of FaZe Clan in "Rocket League," and the company aims for the gold and top spot with its new players.

The Peeps were formed earlier last August 2020 by a group of gamers from North America, all professional players for "Rocket League" and are specialty players. The company has initially entered the "Rocket League" Championship Series X Spring Split run in the competition's opening run for the game.

FaZe Clan themselves broke the news, excitedly sharing the new additions to its roster for the game, officially entering the massive community of players that competes professionally for "Rocket League." FaZe Clan is known for competing in top-grossing e-Sports competitions, with some of the most popular games like "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive," "PUBG," "FIFA," and more.

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FaZe Clan Signs The Peeps

According to FaZe Clan's Twitter announcement (@FaZeClan), the team is ready to compete in "Rocket League's" competition, particularly with the on-going tournament that the game holds. "Rocket League" is a massive one in e-Sports, having a prestigious tournament that features the competitive mode of football with high-powered vehicles.

The video posted by the gaming team features a unique and special welcome for the group of gamers from The Peeps, who are now officially known as the FaZe Clan. The Peeps are composed of four "Rocket League" players who joined together and reformed the team in August 2020, bringing fame and recognition to its collective.

Initially, FaZe Clan has set up the "Rocket League" team with players NRG, G2, and Rogue, who were the first lineup that competed in the game's Championship Series X Spring Split run an on-going tournament. FaZe Clan aims to step up its presence in "Rocket League," which is a growing platform for e-Sports for the North American region and the world.

The Peeps Set to Compete in 'Rocket League' as FaZe Clan

The Peeps are made up of four mainstay gamers, with three of them being the starting players and one reserve for the competition. Jyrair "Gyro" Papazian is one of the founders of The Peeps when the group started in 2018, joined by Julian "Moopy" Amador, Austin "AYYJAYY" Aebi, and was joined by latecomer Braxton "Allushin" Lagarec.

The Peeps are now officially the FaZe Clan and would be playing under the team name for the rest of their tournaments as they "FaZe Up" in "Rocket League" competitions. The team is known for its competitive spirit and behavior, being part of the top eight teams in "Rocket League's" platform and most of its competitions in the past.

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