On Monday, March 22, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is asking the public to submit Internet Broadband Connection reports, whether good or bad, as the federal agency aims to conduct a study on expanding. Internet is a massive need and necessity during the pandemic, as most of the processes are done online and remotely for works and school alike.

FCC Holds Vote On Repeal Of Net Neutrality Rules
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WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 14: Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai speaks to members of the media after a commission meeting December 14, 2017 in Washington, DC. FCC has voted to repeal its net neutrality rules at the meeting.

Instead of ranting to a friend or family member, the complaint sent to the FCC may have significant changes and improvement on one's internet connection in the coming years, particularly as a study is conducted. The federal agency is looking into improving internet connection across the country by updating its broadband maps in certain locations. 

The FCC's latest study is to collect the consumer broadband availability experiences that aim to seek the opinions and insights of the users that mostly rely on internet connections. Since most of the citizens are users of the internet for work-from-home employment setups or home study online classes, anyone can provide insights to be sent to the agency. 

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FCC Internet Broadband Connection Complaints

Obama Outlines Policy For Open And Free Internet
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NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 10: Network cables are plugged in a server room on November 10, 2014 in New York City. U.S. President Barack Obama called on the Federal Communications Commission to implement a strict policy of net neutrality and to oppose content providers in restricting bandwith to customers.

FCC is looking into collecting the inputs of everyone who uses the internet across the country, despite being from different service providers and technology companies that offer its products. The study would focus on the broadband internet connection, which is the largest community of internet users that are installed in their homes. 

Here, users can mention everything that has occurred, without limitations, as they would all be official entries that would discuss the quality of internet connections in the country for the FCC to determine its reliability. Apart from that, people are given the chance to name the internet service provider (ISP) that has performed poorly with its connections. 

FCC Broadband Consumer: How to Report

Santa Maria School Adopts Preventive Measures Against the Coronavirus as Classes Resume (COVID - 19) Amidst the Pandemic
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SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - OCTOBER 02: A teacher sits in an empty classroom while conducting an online class at Santa Maria school amidst the coronavirus (COVID - 19) pandemic on October 2, 2020 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The school classroom is ready with protection measures and safety distance among tables waiting for students to return.

Users and service applicants that have been dissatisfied with their ISP's products and connection can fill out this form, which would then be submitted to the FCC, collecting several personal information. Users may include screenshots and other supporting media to properly discuss the complaints forwarded regarding the broadband services in their area.

Moreover, users can take this chance so that they could address the massive problems that are present in their current internet connection, particularly as they cannot be addressed by the ISP. However, this FCC is not a direct complaints platform for the ISPs, and its action may come later than expected, but it would still provide a place to bring up everything that is needed. 

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