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FCC Fines Florida Man $120M For Spoofed Robocalls

The FCC issued its largest fine in history on Thursday, May 10, against a Florida-based man. The individual, identified as Adrian Abramovich, has been charged with making nearly 100 million spoofed robocalls in just three months.

Business Tech May 11, 2018

Net Neutrality Will Die On June 11: Here's How This Will Affect You

The death of net neutrality will happen on June 11, as determined by the Federal Communications Commission under Chairman Ajit Pai. The repeal of net neutrality rules will have a significant effect on both internet service providers and consumers.

Internet May 11, 2018

T-Mobile Used 'False Ringtones' To Trick Customers Into Thinking Their Rural Calls Were Going Through

The court finally ordered T-Mobile to pay a fine of $40 million to the U.S. Treasury after it had found the company guilty. Consumers complained to the FCC about the network's actions that tricked rural subscribers with 'false ringtones' to simulate call completion.

Business Tech April 18, 2018

Stealth Start-Up Launches Rogue Satellites Without FCC Permission

The Federal Communications Commission slammed the unauthorized launch of rogue satellites by Swarm Technology. The company had deployed four prototype satellites into orbit via ISRO's PSLV rocket launch in January 2018.

Space March 11, 2018

No, Portugal Isn't An Example Of A Future Without Net Neutrality

Portugal was said to be an example of what would happen if there weren't net neutrality rules. However, the claim may have gotten a few points wrong.

Internet December 5, 2017

Net Neutrality's Fate Is In The Hands Of These FCC Officials

Net neutrality is in danger, as the Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai has moved to eliminate the regulations. Pai, along with commissioners Michael O'Rielly, Brendan Carr, Mignon Clyburn, and Jessica Rosenworcel, will make the vote on Dec. 14.

Internet November 23, 2017

FCC Will Likely Kill Net Neutrality In December: A Frightening New Era For The Internet

Net neutrality will die this December. Federal Communications Commission chair Ajit Pai is reportedly planning to announce plans for a December meeting to vote on net neutrality one last time.

Internet November 17, 2017

FCC Wants Apple To Activate iPhone FM Radio Chips, But There's One Major Problem

FCC chairman Ajit Pai renewed the call for the activation of FM radio chips in smartphones. Pai singled out Apple in his statement, but there is one major problem in enabling the feature on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Apple September 28, 2017

Netflix Backtracks, Now Back In The Fight To Save Net Neutrality

Netflix was thought to have given up on the fight to save net neutrality, as CEO Reed Hastings said that winning the battle is impossible under a Trump presidency. The streaming service has now backtracked and returned to the fray.

Internet June 15, 2017

T-Mobile Bids $8 Billion At FCC Airwaves Auction: Un-Carrier Now In Position To Topple AT&T, Verizon

T-Mobile bid nearly $8 billion at the recently concluded auction for broadcast airwaves spectrum by the FCC. The wireless licenses that the Un-Carrier acquired would allow it to further challenge, and possibly outmuscle, AT&T and Verizon.

Business Tech April 14, 2017

FCC Chairman Junks Proposal To Allow In-Flight Voice Calls Using Mobile Phones

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai junked the proposal of his predecessor, Tom Wheeler, to allow airline passengers to make phone calls while in flight. Pai said that the proposal is ill-conceived and not in the public interest.

Business Tech April 11, 2017

SpaceX Intends Bringing Internet To Space: How Realistic Are Elon Musk's Plans?

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk intends to bring internet to space, allowing a possible form of communication between Mars and Earth. Musk has reportedly had several secret meetings with FCC to take forward his latest project.

Space March 18, 2017

FCC: US Senate Introduces New Resolution That Could Let ISPs Sell Your Web Browsing Data

Republican senators have just introduced legislation that would backpedal privacy rules for internet service providers. It will allow them to sell browsing history of their subscribers for advertising.

Internet March 9, 2017

FCC Starts Chipping Away At Net Neutrality: More ISPs No Longer Required To Be Transparent

The Federal Communications Commission has voted to suspend net neutrality transparency requirements for broadband providers with less than 250,000 customers. The move represents the first major regulatory action against the Obama administration's net neutrality laws.

Internet February 24, 2017

FCC Chairman Wants FM Radios Activated In Smartphones, But He Won't Push For It

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai expressed his desire for smartphone manufacturers to activate the FM chips that are found across most models. However, he will not be supporting a move to mandate companies to activate the FM radios.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 19, 2017

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Warns Against Net Neutrality Repeal Before Stepping Down: 'Where's The Fire?'

In his final public speech before stepping down as FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler defended net neutrality and the Open Internet Order. The policies are in danger of being repealed under the incoming Trump administration.

Internet January 13, 2017

FCC Pushes Carriers To Offer Robocall Blockers To Consumers: Will They Finally Act?

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has written a letter to the CEOs of major telecommunications companies to urge the implementation of robocall blocking systems. Will the companies finally do so?

Business Tech July 24, 2016

FCC Votes On 5G Open Spectrum: Next Generation Of Wireless Networks Edging Closer

The FCC recently voted yes to pave the way for the wireless networks of tomorrow. The commission agreed to offer broader spectrum for 5G, which promises high speeds and ultra capacity for consumers and enterprises.

Internet July 15, 2016

Obama Wants American Consumers To Have More Choices On Cable Set-Top Boxes

The Obama administration has expressed its support for a proposed FCC rule that would provide subscribers with more choices regarding TV cable boxes. The president also signed an executive order that would have other federal agencies to adopt similar policies as well.

Gadgets April 16, 2016

FCC Unveils Nutrition Label-Inspired Consumer Broadband Labels So You Know What You Really Get From Your ISP

The Federal Communications Commission has unveiled consumer broadband labels that are inspired by the nutrition labels of food products. The labels look to provide consumers with easy-to-understand information regarding fixed and mobile broadband Internet services.

Internet April 5, 2016

FCC Approves Proposal To Expand Broadband Subsidy For Low-Income Americans

The FCC has voted in favor of the monthly broadband subsidy for low-income Americans. This subsidy plan hopes to minimize the so-called digital divide.

Internet April 2, 2016

You Can Make Your 'Do Not Track' Requests, But Websites Ignore Them And The FCC Does Nothing

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) denied a request filed by a privacy advocacy organization. Consumer Watchdog asked the regulator to force web sites and advertisers to honor 'Do Not Track' requests, but the FCC refused.

Internet November 9, 2015

New York Attorney General Investigates If Broadband Providers Mislead Customers With False Internet Speed Ads

The New York Attorney General wanted to know if three Internet providers are honest on their broadband speeds. Letters sent to executives of the three companies ask each of them to furnish copies of the disclosures they have made to consumers.

Internet October 26, 2015

FCC To Shame Annoying Telemarketers And Robocallers Into Decency By Publishing Their Numbers Every Week

The FCC plans to address the multitude of complaints filed before its office regarding unwanted calls from telemarketers and robocallers. Not only will FCC hope to shame the unwelcomed callers, the list will also empower app developers and "do-no-disturb" technologies that are currently implemented.

Business October 23, 2015

AT&T Wi-Fi Calling For The iPhone Delayed Due To Regulatory Hurdles

AT&T has delayed the unveiling of its much-anticipated Wi-Fi Calling feature for iPhones. The lack of government approval has reportedly caused the delay of the release.

Internet September 19, 2015

Lyft Faces FCC Heat For Preventing Users From Opting Out Of Unwanted Robocalls And Texts

Lyft has been cited by the FCC as breaking regulations about robotic calls and automated text messages. While the company reportedly does offer users a way to opt-out of these calls, it also doesn't let them use Lyft's service if they do so.

Legal September 13, 2015

FCC Fines Company $750,000 For Blocking Wi-Fi To Mobile Hotspots

Smart City has been fined $750,000 for blocking the hotspots of visitors to various convention centers it seves around the country, the FCC announced Tuesday. The company has since made a statement regarding the ruling.

Legal August 19, 2015

iRobot Gets FCC Approval To Make Robotic Lawn Mowers

The Roomba may not be just for the home anymore. On Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission cleared iRobot to make and sell robotic lawn mowers.

FUTURE TECH August 13, 2015

T-Mobile Slapped With $17.5 Million Fine After Last Year's 911 Outage

T-Mobile has been charged with a $17.5 million fine after an outage last year that left many customers unable to call 911. The company suffered two outages, totaling three hours.

Legal July 17, 2015

No More Favors: T-Mobile Fails To Persuade FCC To Increase Spectrum Reserve For Smaller Wireless Carriers

T-Mobile has requested the FCC to set aside more spectrum for smaller wireless carriers and limit the amount of spectrum dominant players such as AT&T and Verizon can purchase in the 2016 auction. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, however, opposes this request.

Business June 26, 2015

FCC Votes In Favor Of Net Neutrality, Reclassifies Internet As Public Utility

The FCC has voted in favor of net neutrality, reclassifying the Internet as a public utility under Title II. The vote is a historic one for Internet users across the country, and the new rules will prevent ISPs from creating Internet fast lanes.

Internet February 27, 2015

Net Neutrality Battle Could Take Longer Than Expected

A vote pertaining to net neutrality is set to take place later this month. While many expect this to finally put an end to the battle for an open Internet, the road ahead could be a long one.

Internet February 11, 2015

Feds Polishing Rules To Reclassify Internet, Telcoms Likely Prepping For Court Fight

Federal regulators are finalizing new rules that could end the net neutrality debate, as they intend to reclassify the Internet as a Title II utility. Internet service providers will not be able to create 'fast lanes' under the designation. The move will likely ignite legal action from telecoms.

Internet February 8, 2015

FCC: Businesses, Persons Blocking Wi-Fi Hot Spots Committing Illegal Act

The FCC has issued an enforcement advisory making the blocking of Wi-Fi hot spots intentionally illegal. Those who do not comply will be liable to enforcement action and may incur heavy fines.

Legal January 28, 2015

Federal Net Neutrality Vote Looms: What Will the Outcome Bring?

The FCC's vote on net neutrality is scheduled for Feb. 26 and the debate over proposed 'fast lanes' continues. While legal battles are predicted to follow, likely stalling any immediate change in Internet service, the big question is how the agency's determination will ultimately affect businesses and consumers.

Business Tech January 19, 2015

FCC Vote on Controversial Net Neutrality Rules Scheduled for February

The net neutrality rules are meant to prevent Internet service providers from slowing down or speeding up Internet traffic for certain websites.

Internet January 3, 2015

Net Neutrality Decision to Be Made in Early 2015

Net neutrality has faced significant opposition in 2014, with larger Internet service providers and many Republicans in Congress opposing a reclassification of the Internet. The road ahead is sure to be tough, however a decision could be made as early as February 2015.

Legal December 28, 2014

President Obama Signs E-Label Act. No More Ugly Labels on Your Gadgets

President Obama has signed into law the E-Label Act. The act will enable electronics makers to use software when adding labels on products instead of printing them on hardware.

Gadgets November 28, 2014

FCC's 'hybrid approach' to Net neutrality might become a thorny issue

The FCC is reportedly looking to partly regulate Internet service providers as public utilities. In spite of the proposal's tougher stance on ISPs, it is certain to draw criticism from Net neutrality advocates.

Business November 2, 2014

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (SM-N915P) with curved display passes through FCC ahead of release

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge with a 5.6-inch curved Quad HD display is nearing a release on Sprint. The phablet has just passed through the FCC for certification to run on Sprint's network.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 19, 2014

Net neutrality has a pretty humongous fan base, decision making now up to FCC

Another poll shows yet again the public overwhelming support for net neutrality. While not everyone knows what net neutrality is, but most agree the Internet should be free and open.

Internet October 1, 2014

The public has spoken: A record of 3 million comments on Net neutrality, says the FCC. What's next?

The FCC has announced that it has received more than three million comments just before its Net neutrality deadline. The number of submissions represents a record for the agency, surpassing the "Nipplegate" scandal from 2004.

Internet September 16, 2014

Net neutrality battle gearing up as public comment period looms, have you shared your two cents?

With the second and final round of comments coming to a close, net neutrality advocates continue to fight for a free and open Internet. If machine learning analysis of the first round of comments is any indication, consumers don't want corporations to dominate Internet traffic.

Internet September 4, 2014

FCC, Writers Guild push for public feedback on net neutrality issue

The Writers Guild of America is calling on the FCC to hold public hearings about net neutrality before changes to the Open Internet Order are made. This follows news that the FCC website crashed during an open comments period that prompted 1.1 million comments.

Legal August 15, 2014

FCC head Tom Wheeler approves of the collapse of Sprint-T-Mobile merger talks

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler applauded the failure of merger talks between Sprint and T-Mobile. He said that four wireless providers are good for American consumers.

Business Tech August 8, 2014

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