On Tuesday, Mar.23, Apple released useful updates to help educators for their venture in teaching, especially online amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Apple Teacher Portfolio recognition was brought to the public along with a range of educational tools.

Apple is Headed to Education Curriculum Expansion

Apple Releases Teacher Portfolio Recognition - Schoolwork, Classrooms Apps Receive Updates
(Photo : Screenshot from Youtube/Matthew Pullen)

According to Apple Newsroom, if teachers want to become official Apple Teachers, they first need to complete their portfolio, including examples of their lessons. Moreover, they also need to finish the nine lessons they will acquire through learning skills on Apple platforms like Mac and iPad.

After completing the requirements, they will be granted an Apple Teacher Portfolio recognition to share with their co-educators to show their educational accomplishments.

The tech giant unveiled the Apple Teacher Portfolio to help educators "bring creativity" into their lessons, "no matter where learning happens." It's a self-paced professional learning program.

Furthermore, educators can collect their bade via Apple's self-learning platform: the Apple Teacher Learning Center. This features Apple technologies and how they interact with the teachers' activities, including how they use Apple apps when teaching subjects about animations, music, arts, and other related fields of specialization.

For all lessons, Apple gives an example template so teachers can freely create their projects through Apple software like Garageband, iMovie, Keynote, and other Apple applications.

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Other Educational Tools That Apple Updated

Apple Releases Teacher Portfolio Recognition - Schoolwork, Classrooms Apps Receive Updates
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/Matthew Pullen)

In a report by Techcrunch, the Classroom and Schoolwork applications also received some updates. Even the "Everyone Can Create" curriculum was upgraded so educators could fully take advantage of Apple's useful teaching tools.

For the update in Schoolwork, the option to share the projects with other collaborators is now possible. If you are an instructor, you can import your project to other platforms. 

Also, the sidebar navigation has been upgraded, so educators can easily access them when viewing student accounts, assignments, and projects.

On the other hand, the Classroom app is now upgraded to fit in the remote learning pattern.

Since the pandemic began, teaching has become harder, but remote learning now shares useful guides for the students and teachers through this tool.

Meanwhile, the "Everyone Can Create" curriculum received small updates as well. Apple updated its drawing guide and its animation through Keynote and other Photo Apps. If you are into making videos, you can now use Garageband to enhance special effects for your podcast project. 

Apple Releases Teacher Portfolio Recognition - Schoolwork, Classrooms Apps Receive Updates
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/Matthew Pullen)

Apple has not yet released any specific numbers of educators currently using the said features. What's only sure at the moment is Apple's persistence to launch a strong campaign for the adoption of the technological tools that will cope up with remote learning in the middle of the booming coronavirus pandemic.

If you want to use the Apple Teacher Portfolio, you can access it in the Apple Teacher Learning Center. If you want to use the "Everyone Can Create" guides, you can download them on Apple Books.

The Classroom and School Work apps can be used at the moment but only for beta use through IT's AppleSeed.

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